Just Be Still

A little stillness can do wonders

This week’s 10-Minute Touch Up is just a liiiiiiittle bit different this week. I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is around the corner or if it’s the holidays coming up, but I’m feeling the need to be a little more zen then my usual go-go-go-never-stop persona. Because after a while, that’s just not productive […]

12 Free Holiday Fonts

12 Free Holiday Fonts - perfect free fonts for holiday cards, printables, and more

It’s that time of the year again… for holiday cards, holiday gift ideas, festive blog posts, gift guides, and more. I know it can be a PAIN to find the perfect free fonts for your designs. You know, fonts that aren’t overly tacky like a bad Christmas sweater. So I rounded up some free holiday […]

Gift Ideas for Creative People

2014 gift ideas for creatives- from super fun to practical, this gift guide has ideas for bloggers, writers, designers, or any one creative! Perfect for birthday gifts or holiday gifts!

Is it too early for a gift guide? (Hint: the correct answer is NO.) Last year I focused on bloggers and social media geeks. This year? Creative people (Hint: If you’re a blogger, you ARE creative.) Creative people want pretty things and functional, pretty things. This gift guide is a mix of fun and practical […]

Adding and Sharing Affiliate Links

Adding and sharing affiliate links can give you a little (or big) income boost

This post contains affiliate links, which should be no surprise given the topic! Affiliate links are like the mysterious little money-maker in blogging. Some bloggers make thousands a month just on affiliate income (I’m more like the hundreds). Whether or not you use currently affiliate links, today you’re going to add and share some! The 10-Minute […]