Adding and Sharing Affiliate Links

Adding and sharing affiliate links can give you a little (or big) income boost

This post contains affiliate links, which should be no surprise given the topic! Affiliate links are like the mysterious little money-maker in blogging. Some bloggers make thousands a month just on affiliate income (I’m more like the hundreds). Whether or not you use currently affiliate links, today you’re going to add and share some! The 10-Minute […]

How to Create a Swipe File (and Always Have Creativity on Tap)

Everyone needs a jolt of creative energy once in a while. Here's how to keep ideas on tap with a swipe file (or files).

Your brain is zapped. The words aren’t quite flowing. Your pinnable image design is turning out MEH. The email you’re putting together for your readers is a snoozer. Where did your creativity run off to? The bad news? No one feels creative and ready to write ALL THE TIME. (If you do, I want what you’re drinking.) […]