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Instagram Tip- Learn how to get push notifications on Instagram when an account posts an image. Great ideas on who to turn on notifications for (besides your BFFs)

How to Keep Up with Your Favorites on Instagram

Oh, hi there! Yep, I’m back. Sometimes a break is just what you need. No big ra-ra in coming back– I’m here and getting back to work! The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, weekly challenge to get you DOING, not just reading about doing. Consider it a way to touch up your blogging just 10 minutes at […]


Last Pinning Perfect Session Before Fall!

Well, hello! I just got back from the amazing Mom 2.0 Summit on Sunday and it’s back to the “real world” for me! Shuffling kids to school, working… and even blogging again. Pssst… did you see that I have STRAIGHT hair in that pic above? I wore it straight on the day I spoke, which […]