What’s Something New & Awesome that You’ve Done for Your Blog This Year?

Welcome to the Momcomm Mashup! What’s that mean? Every so often, I post a question on my Facebook page. Leave your answer and your blog URL and I’ll take as many responses as possible and roll them into a post like this one! Featured peeps get a backlink. while you get tons of awesome responses from your peers. You are curious, right?

The question this time around was:

What’s something new & awesome that you’ve done for your blog this year?

Here’s what some of you answered:

Lori from Lori Does Maryland:
Am using it more to promote things I believe in and care about!!!

Tamara from Fitnitchick:
I finally moved to self-hosted! I had a professional do it for me and now love both the look and the functionality.

Elaine from The Laine List:
Just today I added a feminism page, because I need to get back to my roots!

Sarah from Spoon Fed Baby:
I started a Making Mommy Monthly Series where I give myself monthly challenges. This month: ab workouts every day!

Ashley from It’s Fitting:
Since last year was the year of the redesign (THANK GOD because it was desperately needed), this year I’ve focused more on content, SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA. Sad that I wasn’t doing all that before, especially after blogging for 4 years (without anyone really knowing about it besides me). And the best part? My decision to post all of my pictures… my hobby and LOVE.

Traci from Walk Simply:
Reorganizing to layout and adding new functionality.

Audra from Rediscovering Domesticity:

I have started using Rafflecopter for any giveaways and using Bufferapp for automating social media! I also tweaked the design quite a bit thanks to my blog critique! You rock!

Chrysta from Live and Love Work:

‎2012 is my year for guest posts. I have guest posted twice on other great blogs, and published 2 guest posts on my blog!

Elle N. Em from Cleverly Changing:

2012 has been my year of Marketing. I always had content, I just needed to focus on building my readership and this year the focus has been to find readers and connect with them. I looking forward to an awesome blogging future!

Mom’s Small Victories:

Moving from free blogger to self hosted on wordpress and got my talented Superhubbys artwork in my blog header. Happy with the new design so far and working on moving all the posts over. Also added new pages for book reviews and recipe reviews. awesomeness in progress :)

Jenn from PDX Momma:

I finally purchased Genesis and a child theme that I can easily customize. Looks much cleaner and I am not stuck trying to be a graphic/web designer! Love it!

Jacki from Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Do:

I ditched my old blog and started a brand new one to better capture where I am and where I hope to go. In the process, I invested more through a FB course and your Content Brew. Can’t get out what you don’t put in.

My Life and Kids:

I switched to WordPress, started hosting a weekly link-up and launched a community in Blog Frog. It’s been a BIG year! :)

Lisa from Franny Bolsa:

I started to write in my voice and my voice alone.

Jamie from Chosen Chaos:

I got rid of the pressure I was putting on myself and am doing things how and when I want. Which has given me more time to enjoy the whole process. Taking your Content Brew class is helping me focus and prioritize so I’m getting more done in less time.

Colleen from Mommie Daze:

I started writing about what interests me instead of trying to second guess what people want me to write about.

Sarah from Checklist Mommy:

I decided to link my Mommy-blog (ChecklistMommy.com) to my Writer/Editor blog (SKLevy.com) as the first step in my “I’m a WRITER who happens to ALSO MOMMY-BLOG” career re-focus. I also started networking more, writing guest blogs more, and ACTUALLY HANDING OUT CARDS to people I meet — everywhere! Found a new reader on the STREET yesterday who took my card and already contacted me for twin-Mom advice … so there you go. 2012 is the year of the THIS IS A CAREER, DAMN IT! push 😉

Hollywood Housewife:

I changed out my “About Me” pictures. Not only were they old, they didn’t really represent me anymore. My new About Me pictures fit me and my blog so much better.

Danielle from Verity Mom:

I started making video cartoons of stick figures to tell my stories. They are by far my favorite thing to do, but tricky to get done without the toddler coloring all over them:)

Alissa from Clever Compass:

Completely rebranded, tightened my focus, started commenting and guest posting more and stopped posting daily.

Adriel from The Mommyhood Memos:

I took onboard all of Momcomm’s advice from my blog critique and am loving it! The most important thing I did from her advice was to install Yoast for SEO. I’m now optimizing my posts as I write them and I’m slowly working my way back to optimize old posts! I’ve also started to make “pinable” images for posts that might be relevant on Pinterest and am seeing more traffic derived that way as well.

So tell me… What’s something new & awesome that you’ve done for your blog this year?

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  1. says

    I moved to self-hosted WordPress and decided to focus on my passion, traveling instead of a little bit of travel related posts mixed with everything else going on in my life. I’ve definitely become focused.

    I’m also trying to network with others within my niche, hired a virtual assistant to help on projects here and there and plan to travel more. After all, it’s “work” related, right? :)

  2. says

    I started co-hosting a monthly linkup with another blogger (Memories Captured) which is a spin off from a massive linky in December, which was meant to be one-off. Because we had such fun and the response so wonderful, we decided to make it monthly WITH sponsors, and it’s been terrific!

  3. says

    In the past year: determining how I want to talk about and show our family in my blog.

    In 2012: Setting up a Facebook page for my blog.

    In the coming year: Moving to self-hosted.

  4. says

    Taking the Content Brew class! It’s at a busy time for me which is fine because I’ll need some time to digest the info and set up my content calendar. I’m also doing Bloggy Boot Camp in May in Philly, and I’m pushing myself to guest post elsewhere for more exposure.

  5. says

    I’ve interviewed the Huggies Mom Inspired Winners from 2011 they won $15,000 so I’m sharing with my readers their advice, I received a lot of press for my blog this yr- Featured on Yahoo! Top 25 Tech Mom ( Circle of Moms) Wrote a Book “Get Famous Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet” and I have a feature in the Las Vegas Newspaper for Mothers day coming up-
    But the best part is I’m able to share all that press with my readers I started a giveaway page just for them, they get to benefit from the advice from the Huggies moms and other things so I’m looking forward to more great things this year :) http://www.facebook.com/mompreneurmogul.com/