Twitter Name Change Checklist

I recently did a Twitter name change double whammy: I deleted one Twitter handle entirely and renamed my older handle to a new name. The Twitter handle @momcommblog is now defunct and @adventuroo got renamed to @MelACulbertson.

Doing a Twitter name change sounds simple enough but once you start realizing how many places your Twitter handle is actually listed, a bit of panic sets in!

That’s why I create a Twitter Name Change Checklist to help you out shall you ever decide to do the same.

Before I get to that though, let me share with you the WHY behind the WHAT WHAT.

Why I Switched to Just One Twitter Name

If you’re a reader of my blog Adventuroo, you’ll know that my one word for 2012 is Simplify. And if there’s one thing I noticed, it’s that having two Twitter accounts takes up a boat load of time.

Honestly, it wasn’t the actual act of tweeting from HootSuite that took up the time. It was having to follow people on two Twitter handles. It was switching back and forth while trying to tweet from my iPhone. It was hitting Retweet on a post I wanted to tweet from @adventuroo and being logged into @momcommblog. To remedy that, I tried having two different browsers opened and logged in with each handle but then I’d click a link from an email, it would go to my default browser and then I’d have to copy the URL into the OTHER browser to retweet from the right account.

See? Pain. In. The. Ass.

Now there are plenty of legitimate reasons you may want two Twitter handles so I’m not knocking anyone for that. For me, it was just too much for no obviously compelling benefit.

Why I Renamed @adventuroo to @MelACulbertson

So, I’ve had the Twitter handle @adventuroo since 2009. It had the most followers so that’s the one I decided to keep. While I loved my Twitter name, I changed it to my name for a few reasons:

  • With just one Twitter handle, I needed a Twitter name that wasn’t centered around a blog name.
  • I want to build my name as a marketing and social media consultant.
  • I want my Twitter link to come up in search engines when someone searches for Melissa Culbertson

All that to say, I wish my handle was a little, um, shorter. But Twitter has a penchant for not deleting inactive Twitter accounts, even if they say “we are planning to release names.”

The Twitter Name Change Checklist

Before I attempted my delete and rename mission, I brainstormed all the places my Twitter names were scattered. It goes far and wide, I tell ya!

So, if you ever decide to change your Twitter name, grab my Twitter Name Change Checklist, print that puppy out and you won’t skip a beat!

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    • melissa says

      Exactly! It’s fun to set up a new account I think… until you get into the day to day managing of it all!

    • melissa says

      Haha- Yep, for me it made sense to just have one. However, I know it can always work like that for everyone!

  1. says

    Perfect timing! I have messed with my Twitter account, but I did a MAJOR blog overhaul. Basically I combined 3 into 1 brand new blog. I am going to sit down with your list now and make sure I’ve updated my new blog address in all these places too! Thank you!!!

    • melissa says

      Yay- glad it will help! One thing I discovered today too is that a few of my posts about Twitter had screenshots of my old Twitter accounts. Oops! Fixed that today.

  2. says

    I was just debating what I should do with my twitter name just yesterday. First of all, I don’t really like my Twitter name (@boilerchick – because I went to Purdue and they are the boilermakers), but it’s so super hard to find anything available with my real name (Laura Smith). Also, I now have two unrelated blogs, and I wasn’t sure if I should have one twitter account for each, or just one representing me and both blogs. I think you are right that two would be way too hard to manage. However, is it possible to list two blogs in your profile? How do you handle that?

    • melissa says

      Good question! Some people list one in the URL and one in the bio. I only list Momcomm but I think I may change that. Also, lot of people create an About.Me page which would have links to all their blogs. That’s a good option too!

      Hope that helps!

  3. says

    THANK YOU for this!!! I changed my twitter name last week. When I first started using twitter, it was still very unusual for people to use their real names online, so I used “LadyAnne525” – which is what I used on message boards at the time. Now, since I use twitter professionally and I want to build up my own name as my brand, it was just downright awful. After a lot of hemming and hawing and “for the love of Reese’s why won’t twitter let me use a defunct name?!” I made the leap and am now “Anne_Hogan”. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember all the places I had my twitter name linked, and this list is so helpful!!!

    • melissa says

      I noticed it today and remember talking about it with you. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it!?

  4. says

    For now I am just @coffeepotchron since a majority of my work is tied to my blog, even my photography. Since photography hasn’t been a major component of my work other than what I do for personal projects (and I hardly use Twitter these days to begin with) I have no need to change my handle just yet. Depending on what I do, how things go, etc it is possible for me to change it to @kimulmanis.

    All in all, great tips and advice! I’ll keep these in mind should I ever need them.

    • melissa says

      Thanks Kim! If you haven’t yet, create a new account and grab that name to “hold it.” I wish I had thought to grab mine when I first started!

  5. says

    Melissa, Thanks a whole lot for these helpful tips. Twitter just seems completely overwhelming sometimes, especially for people who may not be too tech savvy. With your checklist I don’t think anyone should be having too much of a problem!


  6. says

    I’ve wanted to change my twittering handle for a long time. The problem is someone is squatting on my name. My name is so long I hesitate to add in my middle initial. What’s a girl to do?

  7. says

    Awesome Sauce! I have a “personal” Twitter account that hardly ever gets used. As I’m starting to build my brand and try to do social media marketing, I’ve decided to keep that one and use for that. At this point, I’m sticking with 2 although I can see myself moving to one eventually. This is a great checklist! Thanks, Mel!

  8. says

    Phew, I’m so glad I just started out tweeting with my real name to never have to bother with all that! I’m @CaitKnight – you’ve got a new follower!

  9. says

    I was actually considering changing my Twitter handle to go better with my blog but after I read this post I decided I’d keep my name as a more consistent branding tool. Thanks for the great information though – will pass on as a reference for others!

  10. says

    I have two twitter accounts and I want to keep my business one but change to my name which is my personal one. Can that happen? Personal @candielm and business @candilandco I like the people on my business and also the background. I just want to change the name over so I don’t have the two.

  11. says

    My twitter name is SO old, and not linked to anything anymore. I have wondered if I’d be better off changing it to my name, or if ti’s better to keep something that is working ok. Or maybe it’s not working. I don’t know!

  12. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been struggling with the decision to make two accounts or switch names to something that works for both of my blogs, and I’ve just made the switch – for Instagram too. Would you recommend the same steps for Pinterest? I’m not sure how that will affect my pins so I don’t know if I should change it or not. Any suggestions?