The Biggest Change Ever… A New Name!

Yes, it’s true!

[jaw drop]

I’ve been blogging about marketing and social media since August 2010 when Momcomm was a series on my personal blog Adventuroo. After getting laid off from work a few months later, I dove into the freelancer’s life and decided that Momcomm needed its own home.

In April 2011, this blog was officially launched. I’ve always loved the name Momcomm being a play on Marcomm (aka “marketing communications” aka my career path). But as this blog has grown, the name has started feeling like it wasn’t the right one for this blog.

Yet changing YOUR ENTIRE BRAND is not something to take lightly. So after lots of pondering (and lots of brainstorming), this blog is undergoing a name change! What name, you ask? Without further adieu…

Momcomm is being renamed to Blog Clarity

Blog Clarity.

Boy, I love the ring to that.

Why Change the Name?

1. I want a blog name that’s more inclusive.

When I launched Momcomm to reach blogging moms, after some time I realized this not only limited my audience, but had to potential to make bloggers who WEREN’T moms feel excluded. Soon after I started doing blog critiques, I remember distinctly remember a blogger asking me if she could be included because she wasn’t a mom. I soon changed the requirement to “blogging ladies,” but that was the start of that nagging feeling that my name was excluding readers.

On my About page, my blog comes with a disclaimer: despite the name, this blog isn’t just for moms. I don’t want a blog name that needs a disclaimer. Yes, you the blogger who doesn’t go by “mom,” you are MOST welcome here.

With Blog Clarity, there’s no specific niche or type of person attached to that. With a more welcoming name, I can extend this blog’s reach and eliminate the conversation some of you might have had that goes something like “You should read Momcomm, but don’t be fooled by the name. It isn’t just for moms.”

(Side benefit: I’ll be happy to see those spammy guest post requests drop too since 90% of them tell me my blog is a great fit for their poorly-written article on parenting or kids.)

2. No one ever knew how to write Momcomm.

Is it MomComm? Or Momcomm? Or a lowercase momcomm like the logo?

I had always just thought of the name as simply Momcomm. But remember years ago when PetsMart officially became PetSmart partly due to the fact that consumers already thought they WERE PetSmart? Okay, you probably don’t remember this. But as a marketer, I keep track of brand geekery like that (plus, I lived in Phoenix at the time and wanted a job at their headquarters).

Honestly it didn’t bother me that people didn’t get Momcomm right. I wasn’t offended or annoyed. But all those little drops add up to brand dilution and I want my name to be super clear. There’s no mistaking Blog Clarity.

3. Bringing clarity is my M.O.

In all my years of marketing communications and now social media, I’ve always prided myself on making tricky or complicated topics easy to understand.

Trust me, I’ve had to edit or rewrite everything from complicated banking messages to enterprise software case studies (written by very smart sales guys who couldn’t bring things to a level their potential customer would understand).

One of my favorite business quotes?

“Jargon is easy. Simple is hard.” (I wish I could find who said it, but I can’t seem to.)

Making thing clear is what I do. It’s my modus operandi. I love the challenge of breaking topics down into easily digestible chunks (gah- that does sound gross though).

My goal with this blog is to bring clarity to blogging, social media, writing and all that jazz, guiding you into finding your own a-ha moments and blogging epiphanies. The name Blog Clarity makes that message loud and clear.


What’s Next?

!. Momcomm will change to Blog Clarity at the end of the month.

One beautiful (and perhaps freezing) morning, you’re going to come to and you’ll be magically transported to Every Momcomm post will be permanently redirected to Blog Clarity. Those of you subscribed to my email list will still receive my posts as always. Those subscribed to my RSS feed shouldn’t have to do anything either (but I’ll be 100% sure once I dive into that). My Facebook page should switch over and everywhere else I go by my name, not my blog name!

Does that mean I’ve been pulling all nighters to get my blog re-design completely finished? Well, no, and here’s why…

2. I want to take you into the blog design and rebranding process.

Design is such a fun process, but along with rebranding can come some pains as well. When I started the rebranding process, you better believe I whipped out my own book, Blog Design for Dummies. It’s funny reading your own words, but it’s helping me walk through the full design process, versus just picking out pretty fonts and colors.

So, when the blog switches to the new domain, you’ll see a new header and Genesis child theme. As for the rest, I plan to make updates and tweaks over the course of the next couple of months. I’ll walk you through some of the design decisions and provide tips you can use if you ever decide to make the leap.

3. A survey is coming later this week.

It’s been quite a while since I did a survey so one’s coming! While I feel like I know many of you, I want to use this opportunity to find out more about you and the content you want to see (and not see). This blog is for YOU so your feedback means everything!

Well, That’s My Big Secret!

Cat. Finally. Out. Of. Bag.

It’s bittersweet to get rid of the name Momcomm, but I’m ecstatic about all the possibilities that come with a new name and a fresh, new design!

To my readers who followed me here from my old blog, new readers, readers who lurk, readers who are mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, no-niche bloggers, I hope you love the new name as much as I do!

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  1. says

    Melissa, congratulations and I’m so excited for you!!
    I love the new name, it’s perfect. Can’t wait to see the new look, and see where Blog Clarity takes you (and the rest of us).

  2. says

    Dude! That’s so exciting! Love the name, love the diamond to drive the point home, and I can’t wait to see how you used your own book to make a new home. My favorite part is that I am attempting to rebrand/redesign one of my blogs, so I will be hanging on your every word. Congratulations!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Oh perfect timing then! Thanks for calling out the diamond. I went back and forth on that, but once I placed it on the design, I knew it was perfect!

  3. says

    What a great name and I totally get it. You are going through a big transformation. I wish you the best and I am excited to see the new change.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      So that was my big secret! Thanks for the well-wishes– I’m excited to see the change too!

  4. says

    Can’t wait to go along for the journey and I agree making it clear makes sense! It seems like social media and blogging is getting cluttered. I too am doing some blog and website cleaning out so super happy for you and it will be great to watch a professional at work.
    Thanks for giving us a birdseye view!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks for the support, Peggy! You’re so right about the clutter so I’m looking forward to sprucing things up as I make my changes!

  5. says

    Loving the new name & logo! Amazing! Momcomm has definitely been a fantastic resource in helping me understand & grow my own blog and I know it will continue to be! I am definitely looking forward to following your rebrand/redesign process as I will be embarking on a similar process! The name will stay the same but hopefully the purpose will become more clarified & given new life (and spunk of course!). I just want to say thank you for your support in helping me find a new direction and I can’t wait to see the awesome things to come with Blog Clarity! You are a total rockstar!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      You’re too sweet, Jamee! You’re so welcome– I think you have a great blog and I look forward to see how you rebrand as well!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks Aimee! I’m really excited about the name and the upcoming design changes!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks Tina! Judging by the comments, a lot of bloggers are working on rebranding so it sounds like it will be timely.

  6. says

    Great, great, greater!

    I was always having to add a disclaimer to my endorsement of your work, “Oh, it’s not just for moms. You’ll love it.”

    Good choice.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      That’s good to know, Cynthia! That helps solidify exactly why I’m changing. I’m glad you won’t have to say that anymore.

  7. says

    January 1, I switched from “It’s Time For More Coffee” (which always rendered funny in HTML, and I got coffee spam posts and was way too long) to just plain old I also cleaned house on my content, categories and my blog theme. It.felt. so.good! I look forward to seeing your new design and watching the process unfold!

  8. says

    I loved this article and I think you are absolutely right. They new name will be great! I am and have been recently making some design and logo changes, and it’s amazing how it can change even the way your readers participate on your site. Good luck with the change, and I will look forward to the new design process. :)


    • Melissa Culbertson says

      That’s really good to know– I didn’t think about it alternating the way readers participate!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      How fun! So far, it sounds like quite a few readers are doing so as well! Good luck with the changes on your design– you’ll have to let me know when it’s done!

  9. says

    Yay! I’m pleased. I’m a non-mom (or mum, since I’m British) and I’ve been following your excellent blog for a while. I’ve bought the DIY blog kit, and the Content Brew. But always felt a little bit left out as I thought I wasn’t really the target audience. Now I can relate your words of wisdom to my niche without feeling off-topic :)

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Sophie- Thanks so much for sharing your perspective! That’s EXACTLY one of the reasons I’m changing so I’m glad to see it will be a good change!

  10. says

    Heya we are for the primary time frame in this article. I found that plank we in locating It genuinely beneficial & this helped me out a great deal. I hope to show one thing again and also enable others that you served me.

  11. says

    I’m not sure I have ever commented here…I’m a lurker. :) But I wanted to say that ‘Blog Clarity’ is an awesome name. I often see your emails or come to site your site and think about the ‘mom’ aspect of the name. It puts a certain type of mom frame around the blog.

    I laughed that you get a lot of requests for publishing parenting and kid guest posts. On my gender specific blogs I get a lot of requests to publish articles about the other gender. It seems to be a trend not to read the blog before you make an offer.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Well hi there! I’m so glad to see you comment and glad you like the name change! Regarding the guest posts, I once got into a spat with a spammer because when I told her articles on parenting aren’t relevant to my blog, she told me I should change my name then. I replied back that if she had read it she would see it’s about blogging. That was fun. LOL. Hope to see less of those emails altogether. I hope you do too– it’s funny what people will try to get published!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      You’re most definitely welcome and it just reaffirms I made the right decision. Thanks for the comment, Nicole!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      I hope so too- if not I’ll be sure to let you know what to do to change the feed so it shows up! Glad you like the name!

  12. Jodie says

    I think your name change is perfect. Congratulations on your new move. I have started following you this month and with look forward to continuing. I am still working on my Content Planning. Best of Luck in your move!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks, girl! This is one of the most fun blog things I’ve done in a long time- I got to play with colors and fonts! Ha!

  13. says

    Hi Melissa. Sounds great! I’ve been helped so much by your site. Although I’m a mom and a blogger, I’m not a Mommy Blogger, so I’ve sometimes felt a bit like a cheater gleaning all your tips. Now I’ll be legit, smile.

  14. says

    Congratulations, Melissa – I LOVE the name! Well done! It must have taken quite a bit of work (and courage) to make that final decision on a name. Kinda like naming a baby, huh? lol Looking forward to learning more from you, as always. xxx

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      It sure did! It’s been in the back of my mind for a year and I finally got serious about doing it a few months ago. Thanks for your support!

  15. says

    Congrats on the new name. I am sure it was a tough decision but whenever you have a nagging persistent sense of something just not being right – you have to listen to it. This rebranding could open all kinds of doors you have yet to think of. Enjoy the ride!!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Julie Ann- That’s exactly it! The nagging sense that this blog wasn’t at its fullest potential until I had a different name. Thanks for your support!

  16. says

    Melissa, what a treat it is to find and get to know you a bit, via Twitter and your blog. I love your sense of humor and practical tips. I’m also terribly impressed with all you have accomplished in a few short years.

    Your name change sounds great! I’m going through the same process — my existing blogs (one for parents, the other for nonfiction writers) don’t really encompass all I do now as my love for editing and social media have grown, so I’m also trying to rebrand. I can relate to your struggles to find a blog/company name that is inclusive for your readers. Especially with so many dads blogging now too! Blog Clarity will be excellent!

    Hoping to meet you in person sometime, perhaps at a conference, as I also live in the Raleigh area now. Just moved here and LOVE it!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Aww- thanks for the compliments, Laurie! Finding the perfect name can be tough– it took me quite a while but when this one came to me, I knew it was it!

      And glad to know you’re in Raleigh. I’ll send you an email about some groups to join!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Very cool! I took and peek and love how the outfits. So cute! LOVE the sunshine on the last one– gives a great, positive vibe.

  17. says

    Congrats on the exciting news! I’ve been coming to Momcomm for quite a while but first I had to come to the realization that your awesome content isn’t just for mothers. I didn’t feel alienated, but since I’m not a mom and won’t be any time soon, it’s always nice to find resources geared towards all kinds of bloggers. Looking forward to following you through all the big changes!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Emily- That’s so good to hear you say that and I’m glad you feel welcome here no matter what the name!

  18. says

    let me start by saying congratulations! I follow you as often as I could considering the full time job and managing my own blog. This post hit me quite hard as I’m in some deep conversations right this moment about making that same change ‘leap’ into a re-branding effort. I would really welcome some advice, suggestions and guidance on how to do this without breaking the bank seeing how I suspect much work is involved to change everything over to the new name. So, again, congratulations to you – we at Girliemom wish you the best of luck and we love your new name :)

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      It’s such a big leap to re-brand, isn’t it?! So far, the money factor hasn’t been much other than a new theme (and I’m paying someone to switch the domain name for me just so I don’t mess it up). But there’s been a lot of TIME put into it so far and much more to go. And time is money, so maybe I am spending a lot. LOL.

      I’m glad you all love the new name!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks for all your support, Sharon! And glad you love the name. Hopefully we’ll see each other again and a conference this year!

  19. says

    I love the new name! Although I will have to go change all my references to you from MomComm to Blog Clarity! 😀 Like in my most recent post 😉

  20. says

    Love the new name- very concise, clear and yet encompasses a broader range of bloggers! Love the new logo. Did you design it yourself?

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Glad you love it! Yep, I designed it myself. I spent the most time finding a font I liked for the script! :)

  21. says

    I’m so excited for you! I am so glad that I found it on Pinterest. I’ve been working on implementing some of the stuff I’ve learned from you. :-) I might have to go through a rebrand in the future, so it’ll be pretty darn awesome to follow along with you as you go about doing that! Can’t wait for more fantastic content from you!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Melissa- I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the blog so far! Yes, I’m excited to share the rebranding process as it seems a lot of others have the same thing on their minds!

  22. says

    This looks great! I love your site. It’s one of my go-to resources for all things blogging. Thank you for the great work and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  23. says

    I just finished this process, and I do not regret it one bit! Since I already had a well-established social media for my old blog (Bow of Bronze) whose name meant something to me personally but made no sense to *anyone* else — moving to my new website (homeschoolencouragement dot com) has brought MORE engagement, more readership, and more interaction on social media. The new name is exactly what I am all about. It is where my heart is, and where my blog is now.

    I’ll be honest, I thought I would lose a bit of momentum, but I had a dramatic increase in traffic the first month. I think you will be fine!