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The DIY Blog Critique is for women bloggers who want to pinpoint issues that are keeping visitors from becoming devoted readers. Think about your three favorite blogs. Why do you keep reading them? Is it the wonderful writing? Or the clever blog design? Maybe even how easy they make it to retweet their posts? The DIY Blog Critique workbook guides you through creating a blog that people come back to: a blog that’s beautifully designed, easy to use and rocks the content.

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Note: If you own my Blog Design for Dummies book, you don’t need this book as it does contain similar content. However, Blog Design for Dummies goes into greater detail but doesn’t cover anything about content.

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Product Description

Want more engaged readers? More opportunities to work with brands? More people sharing your blog with the world?

Awesome blogs are always strong in these three areas: design, navigation and content. These bloggers can succinctly describe what their blog is about and knows what goals they are reaching for. All of these elements lead to a blog that gets noticed. And the DIY Blog Critique guides you through all of this.

This downloadable ebook is actually a workbook that lays out 43 points to work through that will transform your blog into a big dose of awesome.

What Will You Learn?

With 43 points to work through and over 105 links to resources, articles and tools, you definitely won’t be short on learning.  If you’re looking for a quick checklist, this isn’t it. I not only walk you through elements of a good blog, I teach you why they are important. Calling it a checklist just scratches the surface. Think of it more like a point-by-point workbook, guiding you through four main categories:

Prepwork: This first part of the critique includes two tasks, getting you prepped for the rest of critique by creating a clear picture of your blog.

Design: This section covers everything from fonts and colors to branding and taglines. You’ll run through 17 points to make your blog design professional, consistent and a reflection of you (even if someone else is designing it).

Functionality & Navigation: I call these two things the super invisible force behind a great blog. This section focuses on ten ways to make your blog more user-friendly, both to your readers and to search engines.

Content: Regardless of what you write about, there are some universal truths to great content. This section covers 14 ways to improve your writing, increase engagement and extend your content to the next level. When you download the DIY Blog Critique, you’ll also get a free checklist to keep track of your progress. Available as an Excel spreadsheet, you can jot down the changes you want to make and then check off each section as it’s completed.

Who’s This Book For?

While this site is called MOMcomm, this book (and this site for that matter) isn’t just for moms. It’s for women bloggers in general. Very little of the workbook is female-centric though, so guys, feel free to grab a copy too. Specifically, the DIY Blog Critique is for:

  • Bloggers who feel stuck and uninspired
  • Bloggers who want to polish all aspects of their blog
  • Bloggers who want to know what’s missing in making even better

Regardless of how long you’ve been blogging, there’s something in the workbook for everyone. What if you don’t have a blog yet? While this book won’t help you set up your blog, it will help you think about your blog goals, your design, your content and how your blog functions. You’ll be doing all the right things from the get-go!

Note: If you own my Blog Design for Dummies book, you don’t need this book as it does contain similar content. However, Blog Design for Dummies goes into greater detail but doesn’t cover great content.

What Are Bloggers Saying?

“This eBook came at the perfect time for me. I’m not quite a year into blogging and I’m ready to take the next step, which this book will make SO easy for any blogger at any stage. The point-per-page format makes it simple to choose something to implement, and there’s a great mix of quick improvements and some things that require more thought and more work. I love the design too. The pink and blue colour scheme feels a bit like a baby announcement, which is appropriate since for some many of us our blogs are like another child – time consuming and costly, but oh so much fun!” – Robin F, Farewell Stranger

“DIY Blog Critique is an easy-to-understand, hands-on guide to giving your blog the extra WOW it needs. Whether you are new to blogging or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find plenty of helpful suggestions and hints to improve upon the awesomeness you’re already creating. Melissa takes a lot of intimidating information and makes it so accessible. I would recommend this e-book to all of my readers and blogging friends.” – Gigi R, KludgyMom

“Melissa’s DIY Blog Critique eBook is the Blogging Bible for Newbies. Since I just started my blog a few months ago, I am definitely a newbie and this couldn’t have been released at a better time. Starting a blog can be overwhelming and this eBook, with it’s easy to understand format, has answered a ton of my questions and has really helped me learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to make my blog convey exactly what I want it to, from looks to content.” – “Hopes”, Hopes to Staying Afloat

About the Author

 Melissa Culbertson is a marketing professional, a mother of two and the owner of the blogs Momcomm and Adventuroo. Throughout her marketing career, she’s been writing, editing and reviewing websites in various industries. Based on her knowledge of what makes a well-balanced website, she started offering free blog critiques to her Momcomm readers, which formed the basis for this eBook. Melissa is also the Brand Building Contributing Editor at SITS Girls.

Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that you’ll learn a lot great tips to push your blog further towards your goals. But if you don’t? Just let me know within 30 days. I’ll certainly refund your money. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Affiliates: If you’d like to become an affiliate, all the fabulous details are right here

2 reviews for DIY Blog Critique

  1. Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy
    5 out of 5


    I had been working on the design of my blog for almost a year and half when I found the DIY Blog Critique. Even after going through about 10 different versions there was so much new stuff that I learned! The format is also great. It has become a great reference source and it’s very easy to find what you are looking for. Definitely a must have if you are serious about improving your blog!

  2. Dani Ryan
    5 out of 5


    I purchased Melissa’s DIY Blog Critique while I was waiting for the Content Brew course to launch as self-paced course, and from the moment I opened it, I knew Melissa would teach me a lot of valuable stuff about the blogging world. And I was right! Thanks to this course, I was able to pinpoint key areas of improvement for my blog, which helped make it more user-friendly. I have referred back to this many times over the last 6 months, especially when I was completely overhauling my blog. And after completing her Content Brew and Media Kit Smash courses, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Melissa’s next course will be about!

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