Registration for Content Brew May and June Sessions Opens This Thursday!

While I know you’re super stoked to know about Content Brew, I’m sure you can’t help but notice that Momcomm got a bit of a facelift! I switched from Thesis to Genesis this weekend (thanks, Ashley!). While I still think Thesis is a decent framework, I needed some Genesis functionality for a few things I want to do with the site so that’s what prompted the switch. If anything looks wonky, pretend you didn’t see it. It’ll be fixed soon.

Yes! It’s FINALLY here!

After selling out of both March and April sessions, we’re ready to rock, roll and brew some content with the next sessions of Content Brew!

I have TWO sessions opening up but before I get to the course dates, let me tell you a bit about some changes to the course.

Change in Number of Days

Previously the course was to run for seven consecutive days. But in both sessions we realized that getting new lessons on the weekend wouldn’t give people a chance to be with family nor catch up if they got behind during the week. So, moving forward the class will run Monday – Friday and then the following week on Monday and Tuesday. Same amount of content, just more spread out.

Change in Price (but Not Yet!)

After these two sessions, the next Content Brew session won’t be until the fall. At that time the price of this course will increase to $65. The main reason for this is due to the extra amount of time I’ll be spending with a longer run of class. So this is the last time you’ll get it for $49 (unless there’s a sale).

Now for the Course Dates and Sign Up!

Signup Opens: Thursday, May 3 at 9 pm Eastern Time

(Just a note that it’s possible the May course will be sold out by the time signup opens up. Those who wanted to be notified when the course opens get a 24-hour jump on signups so if May sells out, then you’ll rock it in June!)

May Course: Starts May 14 SOLD OUT

May 14- May 22: Daily Lessons minus the weekends
(On the Friday before, you’ll receive a welcome email with the course syllabus and a little pre-class assignment.)
May 23: Wrap-up Email and Bonus Lesson
Signup closes: Thursday, May 10 at 5 pm Eastern or until it sells out

June Course: Starts June 4

June 4 – June 13: Daily Lessons minus the weekends
(On the Friday before, you’ll receive a welcome email with the course syllabus and a little pre-class assignment.)
June 14: Wrap-up Email and Bonus Lesson
Signup closes: Thursday, July 31 at 5 pm Eastern or until it sells out

So you have it handy, this is the link to the Content Brew registration page. When registration is live, you’ll see two “Add to Cart” buttons (one for each session). If you aren’t sure what Content Brew is all out, that link will also describe the course in more detail.

Just so you know, I only allow about 50 students per session so that I can really interact in our Facebook group, offer feedback, etc. It also keeps our two chats in the private chat room from getting too overwhelming for everyone.

What Others are Saying

Content Brew is made up of espresso, great blogging tools and creative ideas, a cup of social media goodness! I love that I was able to learn how to use new tools to make creating and keeping up with content easier. This course introduced me to some pretty cool applications and ways to be myself but still unique in creating and promoting my content. As a blogger sometimes I get stuck in a rut, but Melissa’s course is helping me see things in a different light. Between the videos, handouts, interactions with other “classmates” and homework, I now have a lot more tools in my belt and can in turn be a better, happier, and more organized blogger.

Jennifer, Mommy B Knows Best

Melissa’s Content Brew Course is brilliant and well worth the time and money. I had a jam packed week when I took the course and still managed to fit in her well thought out, content rich lessons. I learned new things daily and found ways to implement something new into my work immediately. I felt refocused, energized and inspired through her teachings and really appreciated the “get to the point” approach she took when going over new programs and platforms that have brought a new efficiency and ease into my freelance/blogging life. Additionally, I love that she took into account the varied learning styles we all have by incorporating video, handouts, spreadsheets, forum chats and general reading – she really thought of everything! I hope there will be multiple “brews”, because I would definitely purchase another cup!

Nicole, Moments that Define Life

Melissa is a pint sized powerhouse of knowledge! In the Content Brew course, I learned tips and tricks to help me jump start my creative side, as well as streamline my blogging process and become adept at self-promotion. This course is worth at least twice the price!

Diana, The Kennedy Adventures

Melissa’s Content Brew course just what I needed to break through my blogger’s block and revitalize my enthusiasm for writing. I’ve been blogging and writing online content for five years, yet I found so many useful nuggets in Content Brew. In fact, by day two, I had planned a killer once-a-week blog series that will last an entire year. (My first post in that series was pinned/repinned on Pinterest a few hundred times. Can anyone say traffic? Yes!) I added a new section to my blogging notebook with her gorgeous handouts that I’ll be referring to again and again. Content Brew taught me several uber-practical tips for social media that I am now using every day. Oh, and the content calendar? It’s amazing! Melissa not only teaches you how to use it but gives you a customizable form. I feel sort of guilty that I got all of this out of her course for just $(insert price here). I don’t even remember what I paid; that’s how WORTH it this course truly is.

Jimmie, Jimmie’s Collage

Content Brew has totally changed my bloggy life! Before the class my content planning consisted of a few ideas in my head about what I wanted to post within the next few days. By the time I completed the class, I had well over 3 months of blog, facebook, and twitter content planned out with a great system in place to use going forward. I also learned a functional approach for keeping up with blog post ideas and drafts, so I can capture brilliant thoughts as they come to me instead of waiting until it’s time to post and the ideas have left my head. I also got so much out of the interaction with Melissa and other classmates in the Facebook group plus the interaction it made it all so much fun! Melissa was right there every step of the way and promptly answered every question and left lots of valuable feedback.

Laura Jane, Confessions of a Recovering Chocoholic

Become part of the next Content Brew Crews by stopping by the Content Brew registration page on Thursday evening when I open up the doors. If you guys have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. says

    Melissa, what made you decide to switch to Genesis? I’ve been using Thesis for about a year, but I have a new blog in the works and may want to use a different framework for it.


    • melissa says

      The main thing was that I want to use an ecommerce plugin that works WAY easier with Genesis (would take a lot of work with Thesis). I’m still playing around with it but it’s already looking nicer on my test pages!

    • melissa says

      Hi Diane and thanks for your interest in Content Brew! I’ll actually be out of the country in July so June is the last offering until late August/early September. Sorry. :-(

      The course content is available for a year though so if you THINK you might be able to swing the June one, then you can still access the content once the official course ends. Or, I’m sure we’ll have a rocking group this fall! Let me know if you have any more questions!