How to Rock Pinterest Like a Pro

I’m continuing the Pinterest goodness today and am super (SUPER) stoked to welcome my friend Stacy from Kids Stuff World. I consider Stacy one of my first bloggy friends- we met through blogging waaaay back when Adventuroo was new. As a new person in the blogging space, she made me feel welcome (now if only we could meet in person!). Stacy is a ROCK STAR on Pinterest… growing to over 230,000 followers is no small feat. Her boards are amazing and if she re-pins something of yours, your blog bandwidth better watch out! She’s here to share some of her best tips on rocking Pinterest like a pro!

How to Rock Pinterest Like a Pro! #blogging

Hey there Blog Clarity friends!

Can’t tell you how excited I am to be here with you today. Melissa and I have been blogging buds since waaaay back before there even was a Blog Clarity. She’s not only a friend and trusted confidant, but also my go to-gal for all things blogging, marketing and social media related (you can check out the blog critique she did for me back in the day, here). That’s one of the reasons I am so stoked to be here, I finally get a chance to help her out a bit!

Today I am going to tell you some very important tips to help you, as a blogger, get the most out of Pinterest. I, personally, have been blogging for coming up on 4 years now and while I love it very much, it was never anything I was going to make a living from. Pinterest, changed all of that for me, it has opened up doors I never even imagined and quickly turned my life upside down in a very good way. I’m happy to tell you I am now a full time blogger and pinner extraordinaire! Not only do I have a large following on my own Pinterest account, but I am also doing content strategy, consulting and management for some very cool brands on Pinterest. Life is good.

I think life should be good for everyone, so I’d love to share a few practical tips to get you rocking Pinterest in no time.

get your website in your Pinterest profile

Step 1. Verify for website on Pinterest

See that little red circle next to my website there in my profile? Pinterest added a new feature recently that lets you claim ownership of your web address and get a clickable link to it listed in your profile. I put mine in last week and I am already noticing a significant increase in traffic to my blog coming from my profile page. Win!

To get your site verified, follow the steps here or if you are on WordPress and not as comfortable with uploading files to your server, you can try this workaround.

Step 2. Sign up for Pin Alerts.

Pin Alerts is a handy tool, like Google Alerts, that notifies you when someone pins content from your site. If you are uber Pinterest popular, this could be overwhelming but they do have controls in place so you can choose to be notified whenever someone pins your content, or opt to receive a daily or weekly summary instead.

I like this service for two reasons, one – I like to get to know my readers, and two, gaining a glimpse at the type of content they appreciate can be a powerful tool in helping you grow your audience and define your niche.

Step 3. Schedule bulk pins using Pingraphy

NOTE FROM MELISSA: Pingraphy is now ViralTag, which has a hefty monthly fee (but IS awesome). Try Ahalogy for another option.

schedule pins on Pinterest

Ever wish you could hang out on Pinterest all day? Yeah, me too. How about those nights when you strike gold and feel the need to pin 90 things in a row … don’t worry, we’ve all been there! This is where Pingraphy comes in handy. Now you can schedule your pins to appear at designated intervals throughout the day!

Not only will this help you reach a larger portion of your audience, but it will also keep your friends, family and coworkers from seeing how much time your spending on Pinterest. (disclosure: no I did not just tell you, you could pin at work all day and have the pins scheduled to show up during off duty hours. That would be irresponsible of me.)

Step 4. Gang Up!

A blogger’s bread and butter on Pinterest is getting your work out there and circulating, and believe me when I tell you there is power in numbers ladies (and gents)!! Take a look at a few of these boards to see how bloggers are rocking it collectively, getting their content front and center.

must follow moms on Pinterest

20 Must Follow Moms

Top 12 Websites to Follow

Kid Blogger Network

10 Creative Christian Mom Bloggers

Best of the Best Creative Bloggers

As you can see, there are plenty of these boards out there already and even better, plenty of room for more! So round up your circle of girls and get creative with a board title. Do a quick check to see who has the largest number of followers when they create a new board …. this is the key, total number of followers on Pinterest is deceiving … they could have one very large board and the rest of their boards still be rather small. You need the girl (or guy) with the largest cumulative audience.

Once you know who that is, create your board and establish your ground rules.

How often can a blogger pin?

What types of posts are acceptable? For example, will you allow giveaways to be posted there?

The key to success here is for all of the contributors to choose carefully the quality of content they post in these boards. If you have a fantastic post, but sucky photos … crank out a cute text graphic for it in PicMonkey and use that to draw readers in.

I hope you liked these tips. I have so many more for you guys … with any luck … Melissa might let me come back again sometime and share a few more with you! Until then, if you have a question post it in the comments here or find me over on the KSW Facebook page.

Top Pinner Stacy of KSW Stacy Teet is a professional blogger and mother of three. When she’s not writing articles for Sulia, or consulting with brands, you will find her on Pinterest. Recognized by Babble as one of the Top 50 Parents on Pinterest, she focuses on pins that really resonate with her and in turn, help a lot of moms and women. She’s up for a Red Tricycle “Totally Awesome” award for Prettiest Pinterest Boards right now (votes appreciated). In her “spare” time, she enjoys spending time with her family and pretending she’s an iPhoneographer. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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    • says

      You are so very welcome Kim, thanks for taking the time to comment here today. Pinterest should really come natural to you … sometimes adding the blog component in can make it seem harder than it really is … the real secret … if you really want to know … is promoting the right lifestyle. As long as you are true to that vision in everything you do, you will see your audience start to align themselves with you and really get behind what you are doing.

  1. says

    This is good, juicy stuff you’ve given us! I clicked on over expecting the same old advice, but you have given us secrets! Thanks, and now I shall Pin this and tweet it and share it and follow you and then go spend the rest of the day on Pinterest.

    • says

      I like you Jeanette :) Happy I could help … if we could just get in the same room together .. I could tell you all my juicy secrets! Thanks for helping me spread the word.

  2. says

    Stacy, thank you for the great tips. Pinterest continues to be one of my biggest sources of traffic. I am looking forward to trying out Pin Alerts and Pingraphy, and your boards as well!

  3. says

    Wow, thank you for the work around step by step directions for WordPress. I had been wondering how those website links got there when they started showing up.

    • says

      Joyce!!! {{{HUGS}}} Thanks dear … you know, I am not using it on my own account yet … or nearly as often as I need to be … if only there were more hours in the day! I know you know what I mean.

  4. says

    I’m having trouble figuring out Pingraphy. It looks like all the pins have to come from the same webpage? I do I go ahead and Pin everything now, then go into Pingraphy and unpin them to schedule for later?

    • says

      Hi Gina, Wondering how you are doing on Pingraphy by now? Have you installed the bookmarlet? That is the key, you will use it to pin instead of the pin it button. When it opens up the window it will have all images from the post check marked … go ahead and unselect all in the left hand corner and chose only the one image you wish to pin. After that, schedule it to appear whenever you like. Continue to do this with your other pins, you can even schedule them to go out in designated intervals. Say, 15-20 mins. Let me know if all this makes sense. :)

  5. says

    Thank you all SOOOOO much!!! So glad you liked this post 😉 Gina, I am out & about now but will be back this evening to help you navigate Pingraphy. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it!

  6. says

    This was so excited to read and get set up. Step 4 has my mind spinning, as it seems to be the crucial step to all that you shared, but it seems to be needing a little more to the description, at least to this simple minded mommy! Would you be willing to do another post, elaborating on how to do exactly what you are explaining in step 4. The think that is SO overwhelming to me with the examples that you have given us, is that although their followers are SO LARGE their pins are very little. Mind blowing!

    I would LOVE to learn more on this and appreciate your giving spirit to share with us new bloggers!


    • says

      Hi Dollie. I know what you mean, if Melissa is willing for a round 2, so am I. Happy to chat with you about collaborative boards, they can really make a difference in your overall traffic. Keep in mind that while some numbers may seem low in some of these boards, they are no reflection to the amount of traffic generated by them. Some pins just don’t make great repins. That doesn’t mean people aren’t reading them. I pinned a pin the other day that only got 30 repins .. a small amount by my standards … but over 2.000 page views from just my pin. Never underestimate the power of pinning!

      • says

        That would be great!

        My actual question is not how many ‘repines’ they get but rather their boards do not have many pins at all. There are few boards and few pins in the boards. So it doesn’t seem that they are working hard on promoting things on pinterest, which amazes me!

        Very intriguing!

    • says

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes this method is much more accurate. Have you ever noticed when you try to use the source link and all your pins have disappeared or it only show a few of them? This way makes sure you don’t miss a beat.

  7. says

    These are wonderful tips, and I need to put them all on my to do list! I’d like to share my own favorite tip: be sure to backup your pins, so you don’t risk losing them to hackers or accidents. I was concerned about this, so I created a company, Pin4Ever, to let you save a copy of all of your pins, boards and likes to your computer. If you go to, you can backup your whole Pinterest account free right now!

  8. says

    I cannot even tell you how happy I am to have read these tips. We’re on Pinterest but haven’t really seen any blog traffic from it. We really haven’t cracked the code as to how to translate Pinterest following to blog reading like we have with FB.
    I didn’t know ANYTHING about verifying…or any of these other things, frankly. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! –Lisa

    • says

      Aww, that is wonderful news! So glad we found our way to each other. Good Luck with the verification and let me know if you have any questions. Also, Colleen who commented above wrote the tutorial! So she is another great knowledge source for you.

      • says

        Thank you so much, Stacy!! I did have one hiccup while trying to verify my web address! The instructions were FABULOUS and easy to follow but I have one snag. I had previously verified the address on my personal pinterest account. I did the entire process for my blog account (got the file downloaded and then uploaded to my server no problem) but then got the message that only one profile could be verified to any URL. OOPS! I then deleted the URL from my personal site and went to do the only thing left to finish the process on the blog’s profile (Click here to complete the process which is #3)….but I can’t. When I went back to my settings page the button that says “verify website” that used to be next to the URL is not there any longer. I’ve done the first two steps (the downloading of the file and then the uploading it to my server) but I don’t have any way to “click here to complete the process” Now I’m stuck and afraid to do any of the other things if I can’t even get this to work properly because I know it’s the easiest thing to do of the bunch! I’ve just got no computer mojo!!

  9. says

    The timing of this is perfect! I’m starting to get the hang of Twitter and now I want to move onto Pinterest. I was at a loss…until I read your post. Thanks so much!

  10. says

    Great tips here! And definitely some things I will try to implement in the next few months. My Pinterest account has been sadly neglected but now that I know I can schedule pins it won’t be! I used to wait until after the kids sleep to pin stuff but then other work would come up and I’d never have time to pin anything.

    Thanks Stacy!

  11. Kimberly Amici says

    Thanks for the tips! I just started doing Pinterest to help me in the blogosphere. The way all this works together can be a little overwhelming but fun at the same time. Posts
    Ike these help out a lot!

  12. says

    I’m on Step 1 of the workaround reads: “download the verification file from Pinterest”. Where might I find that then? I’ve had a look, but can’t see where it might be?

  13. says

    Found it. But the workaround won’t work for me because I don’t seem to have any text editing software that will open the verification file and allow me to see the html.

    • melissa says

      Hi there! It’s Melissa from Momcomm. Though Stacy didn’t specify it, you can only verify sites that you own. isn’t a self-hosted platform so you can’t access the place to put those files like you can on Sorry about that!

  14. says

    Stacy, I read the instructions on how to verify your website on Pinterest. It seems a little complicated, what are the instructions for Go Daddy as a host? My blog is through blogger. Got any tips?

    Would it help to just go into the source code and put the Google Webmaster Tools verification code in there, or is that different? Thanks :) Love your article, am bookmarking it!

  15. says

    As you can see, there are plenty of these boards out there already and even better, plenty of room for more! So round up your circle of girls and get creative with a board title. Do a quick check to see who has the largest number of followers when they create a new board …. this is the key, total number of followers on Pinterest is deceiving … they could have one very large board and the rest of their boards still be rather small. You need the girl (or guy) with the largest cumulative audience.

    Once you know who that is, create your board and establish your ground rules.

    Could you explain that a little further…Are you saying it’s good to create your own pinterest board with other mommy blogs that have high numbers. Or are you just saying to create a pinterest board with your blog information on it?

  16. says

    Wonderful tips, all of them! I’m quite new to Pinterest and I literally gasp when I see people with more than 1,000 followers LOL. These are all really helpful – thank you and congratulations on being such a Pinterest rockstar!

  17. says

    I cannot count how many times I have shared this post – it is a great resource for people looking to understand, get started or just improve their use of Pinterest.

  18. says

    Oh I’m late to this game, but had to comment! I love love Stacy and KSW – one of the sweetest people on the web, I swear! And such fabulous blogs (ok, ok enough gushing) but how did I not know about Pingraphy?! My whole world has just been changed – THANK YOU!!!

  19. says

    Quality content is the important to interest the visitors
    to pay a visit the web page, that’s what this site is providing.

  20. Marnie says

    I want to post/advertise on Pinterest. I don’t know how!!! Do I have to have a website? I’d live the dummies version!

  21. says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE pinterest, but I really hate when I get bomboarded with a zillion pins from my favorite pinners all at once! I had no idea there was a program to schedule pins throughout the day – totally going to look into that! (and as a bonus, my boss won’t realize I am pinning at work! HAHA!) I have also started to use Pixlr to create some text images for posts that I don’t have an actual awesome photo for – although I am thinking that even with the posts with photos I should use the program to add a little more UMPH to them! Again, thanks so much for sharing your experience and ideas to help little starting out bloggers like me! Many hugs!

  22. says

    Stacy- I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across it on Pinterest. Thank you for highlighting PinAlerts. We have been working hard on this tool, and have some fun things coming out shortly.

    However, in the short term Pinterest is requiring us to change our name. So, we are having a name contest, and the winner wins an iPad Air with keyboard. Feel free to share this with your readers ;). All they have to do is go to and they will see our notification on our home page talking more about the contest. People can enter as many names as they like, each name is an additional entry to the contest.’

    If you would like more information or to do an interview around Pinterest marketing just let me know. Again, thank you for promoting us, it’s people like you that keeps us going! ~Paul


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