How to Make Your Blog Stand Out

There are tons of blogs written by women out there. And I know many of us are considered “mom bloggers” and there are lots of people who share that title too.

With so many blogs out there, how can you stand out in a sea of bloggers? Well, I’ve got some ideas you may wanna try.

Below I’ve listed a few ways to make your blog unique. For all of these ideas, it doesn’t mean you have to completely change your blog. But maybe there’s a series or type of post that you can incorporate one of these ideas into. Don’t be afraid to stretch those muscles and sculpt your blog content in a different way. Just stay true to yourself!

Apply Your Skills to a New Audience

We all have talents and skills. Even if you don’t think you do!

Given that my professional background is marketing, I could have tried to be a marketing or social media blogger and compete with the big dogs. However, I thought there were enough fish in that sea and it didn’t interest me in the least. But instead I reached to a different audience. Instead of a marketer speaking to other marketers, I started Momcomm to teach marketing and social media concepts and tips to mom bloggers (and blogging chicks in general, of course).

Another example? Ali Edwards. She was a graphic designer but she got into sharing those principles with scrapbookers who may not have had that training and background. She’s now one of the most well-known scrapbooking “celebrities” out there.

What kind of skill can you bring to a new audience?

Creatively Format Your Posts

No, I’m not talking about doing shizz liKe THis!!! Because that just burns eyes.

But is there something consistent that you can do to some or all of your posts that people will remember? Something that fits with your personality and writing style?

For example, Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues formats her blog posts like poems. They are centered and the sentences are short. It makes her blog easy to read and gives it a nice flow. It doesn’t have to be EVERY SINGLE POST. I love how The Bloggess writes play-by-play conversations between she and her hubby like you’re reading a script. And it could even mean simple having consistent subheadings for a particular topic you write about often, like Debi from Go Explore Nature does for her nature travels.

Get Visual

Okay so maybe you aren’t the artsy type. But sometimes it isn’t about good art skills– even drawings that are so bad they’re funny could be a riot to your readers.

Think cartoons, images, infographics, illustrations, even videos. Is there a way to tell your stories or share your knowledge visually as well? Roo from Nice Girl Notes (Update: Now Neon Fresh) comes to mind. Not all of her posts are accompanied by cute sketches but it’s one thing that makes her blog stand out.

Unique Approach to Same Old, Same Old

Is there a unique perspective that you can take to a familiar topic? Maybe it’s that you write about a serious topic with humor. Or instead of recipe posts, you only do meals that contain a certain number of ingredients.

I always will remember this video from the blogger from The Longest Way. Instead of just doing a video about his travels, he created a time lapse video of 1 year of growing his beard as he traveled for a year. The video has over a million views and he has a book coming out soon. What creative way can you approach a familiar topic?

Get a “Super Niche”

Okay, so I made that term up.

If you already have a blog (and most of you do) and aren’t planning on starting another one (most of you aren’t), then maybe this is a weekly feature or a cause that is an integral part of your blog.

One blog I recently came across (Rebecca is in my April Content Brew class!) is Die Food Dye. Instead of starting a blog about eating healthy or more organically, she went for a super specific topic: education around food dye in our foods. If I want to find out more information about this topic, which I do, her site would come to mind first since that’s what she writes about.

If you’re going to go super niche on your existing blog or a new one, just make sure it’s a topic that others would be interested in (hamsters in tutus, maybe not so much). If in doubt, ask some friends or fellow bloggers for feedback.

Your Voice

Don’t forget your most powerful asset as a blogger: your voice. One of my guest posters wrote a fabulous post about using your voice. What’s the overall tone to your blog posts regardless of the topic? Are you quirky? Insightful? Humorous? Inspiring? Wacky? Upbeat?

For example, Seth Godin is a well-known marketing, author and speaker who’s known for his short yet insightful blog posts. If you’re familiar with his blog, you can recognize his voice.

While you don’t always have to sound a certain way (you can certainly write a serious post if you’re a mostly humorous blogger like The Bloggess for example), consider that people come to read your posts because they like your voice– how your word things, explain things, tell a story, share a lesson.

Have you ever thought about ways to make your blog stand out? Or are you doing something currently that makes your blog different and memorable? Share it with me!

Psst… I’m also over at Moments that Define Life for a Blogging as a Business interview! Come check out what I have to say about common mistakes, getting speaking gigs and more!

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  1. says

    I love that I learn something from you every time I pop by here. You pretty much rock. Thanks for the shout out for Blogging as a Business and for participating!! Your insight was invaluable!

  2. says

    I have been blogging for 5 years. As I have grown and changed I have taken my blog with me. I started out as solely a religious blogger, that really didn’t work for me. While I still believe and have my faith even I couldn’t be that person every day. I fell short, screwed up so I decided to be me. With all my warts, bruises, bumps and weird habits. Caring for my mom put another spin on my writing. Dealing with my bipolar son, another spin. I recently moved from blogger to wp, because with the loss of my mom I have grown more, changed more, become softer on the edges, but still firm in my beliefs, my faith. and wow have I drug this out. I am so sorry hun.

    • melissa says

      No dragging out at all! That’s great because you’re right– life does change and so do we. My dad passed away in December and for a while a lot of my writing on Adventuroo reflected that. So I totally understand what you’re saying!

  3. says

    Great insight as usual :) I mainly blog about homemade baby food, play with babies, and mom stories in general. I sometimes find it hard to write another post about our next baby food being introduced and keep it interesting. Seeing that I do that every Monday I am trying to be creative in how I present the steps. Oh, and by the way, I learned how to plan that for every Monday from your awesome Content Brew Course!!!

  4. says

    I often feel that I am mostly all over the place in my writing. I have two very specific goals for my blog and am trying to decide how to mesh them. Whether to have two different blogs or to have one blog that splits into two (much like By Word of Mouth Musings). I am not sure I want or ever will have a niche. And I am not sure if that will help or hinder me. Basically I am just unsure all over the place 😛

  5. says

    Honored to have been mentioned in this piece, Mel – thanks! I’ve been struggling with getting readership for my L.A.-area nature adventures, so I like the idea of creating a “super niche,” in this case a weekly feature.

  6. says

    Found this post through Pinterest, and am your newest follower! As a rookie blogger, this is exactly what I have been looking for to help get some much needed exposure in the blogosphere. Also, just read one of your critiques and am hoping to be able to snag a coveted spot on your next critique list. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with other bloggers! I am fully inspired and revved up to continue working hard on my blog!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

    • melissa says

      Thanks for the comment, Ferly! It can feel like a FT job sometimes working on our blogs but it can also be so fun! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  7. says

    It’s easy to get into a rut when you’ve been blogging for a few years. Your suggestions inspire me to make some changes. Very helpful tips for all types of bloggers.

  8. says

    Great tips as always! Having a blog that stands out from the other blogs takes courage. When I first started blogging, it was easy to look at the popular blogs in my niche and get intimidated. The thought was that they aren’t blogging like this so maybe I shouldn’t either. I have finally allowed more of own voice and humor to come through in my posts.

  9. says

    This is great! Thank you. It actually makes me feel confident in something I’m already doing- if I’m telling a long story or writing one of my craft or quilt tutorials I always start with a “quick & dirty” breakdown before going into the details.


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