How to Highlight a Post on Your Facebook Page Timeline

While many people are still getting used to the new Facebook timeline for pages, there are some new features to get all happy about.

One of them is highlighting.

As you know, your timeline is divided into two columns like so. It’s a common complaint of the new format but, hey, it’s here to stay.

Highlighting spreads a Facebook post across two columns instead of just staying in one or the other so it grabs more attention:

How to Highlight a Post

I love that it’s uber simple to do. Just move your cursor over to the spot you see below and a star and pen will appear. Click the star to highlight your post and it’ll automatically spread it into both columns.

This is different than “pinning” a post, which moves a post to the top of your timeline for up to a week. A pinned post won’t span across both columns.

Why Would You Want to Highlight a Post?

Beside drawing attention to the posts that you highlight, highlighting posts also makes your page more visually interesting!

Keep in mind this shocker though: about 90% of your fans never return to your fan page once they’ve liked it. Instead, they see your posts in their main Facebook news feed (if they see it at all).

So when you decide what to highlight, think about someone who just liked your page (or is considering it).

Some things to highlight:

  • Any sort of big announcement
  • A photo that you posted on your timeline
  • A post about an event you’re attending (or hosting!)
  • A video clip of your latest vlog or tutorial
  • Any other status update that you don’t want people to miss!
Have you used the highlighting feature on your fan page’s timeline yet?


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  1. Florence18Moore says

    I’m not really familiar about this high light application, but sounds really good…

  2. Sandra92 says

    Great tips, thanks for sharing this one and I do love to pin it with my friends because I am pretty sure they will love it too…

  3. Jenkins says

    What a great application, I can’t wait to learn something more… I will book mark this one..

  4. says

    Hi Melissa ! Thanks a lot for a very helpful post. Still, I’ve got a question for you. Do you know of any reason why I can highlight some messages and not others ?
    If you click on the Facebook page for my next book (, you’ll see that one message (by Brigitte Lenoir, Aug. 30, bottom of page) was successfully highlighted. But a message sent today by Bruno Delarue (right column, top) obstinately refuses to display the “highlight” tool.
    I’d love to have your insight on this one. Many thanks !

  5. Nicholas Sanford says

    When I try to highlight photos in albums, they don’t seem to stay enlarged. Do you have an advice?

  6. kj says

    How do you highlight a post on a organization fb page you make. It does not allow me do do it anymore.

  7. Rinatya says

    I have a prooblem: some posts that I’ve highlighted are not highlighted on the timeline.
    what should I do? How do I fix this? it shows it’s’ highlighted on the post settings but still it’s not see as a highlighted post.

  8. says

    ok now that i have highlighted things, how do I go back and find things that i have highlighted cause i hightlighted songs i posted over time and now i cant find them. i need help