Guide to Blogger Business Cards

The Guide to Blogger Business Cards- what to put on them, where to buy them and more

So you’ve finally decided to treat your blog as a business and you’re ready to order business cards. This five-part series covers everything you need to know, from what you should put on your cards, to the latest trends and we’ll even take a look at some samples to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s get going…

What to Put on a Blog Business Card: Before we get all fancy, let’s talk about why you need a business card, what you should put on it and where you can order from.

If That’s Your Business Card, I Can’t Wait to See Your Blog: Guest blogger, Fadra gives you two things to consider before you print those cards.

Seven Trends in Blogger Business Cards: Do I want to do a folded business card or a double-sided one, you might be wondering. Here are the latest trends.

QR Code Ideas for Blogger Business Cards: You’ve read about QR codes everywhere. Now learn what they are, how you can create them and how to use them for your business cards.

Blogger Business Card Showcase: And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: raise the red curtain, dim the lights…presenting, The Great Bloggy B-Card Showcase. Get ready to be inspired!

Where Can You Buy Blogger Business Cards?

MOO Business Cards- my preferred vendor! (this link will get you free samples so you can test them out)

Minted- beautiful templates

Tiny Prints - lots of great templates

Taste of Ink

Vistaprint- lower quality, but cheap for budget-conscious