Ditch that Font: Alternatives to Comic Sans

It’s the most hated font on the planet.

Yes, the ubiquitous Comic Sans. The font that makes designers cringe, but that’s plastered on everything from school newsletters to blogs because it screams casual and friendly.

Well, there are PLENTY of “casual and friendly” fonts out there besides Comic Sans. So thought I’d start an every-so-often series where I take a much loathed or overly used font and offer some suggestions that won’t make readers silently judge your font choice.

Ditch that font: 10 alternatives to Comic Sans (5 free + 5 paid options)

The suggestions include five free fonts and five paid ones. And the point isn’t to give you Comic Sans lookalikes, but rather to give you the same vibe… without the cringing.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links to the paid fonts.


Bubblegum Sans

Font Squirrel describes Bubblegum Sans  “upbeat” and “flavor-loaded.” Mmmmm, flavor. Seriously though, it’s a cute little font with pointer edges than Comic Sans but just as friendly.

Alternatives to Comic Sans- FREE: Bubblegum Sans

Cartoonist Hand

Cartoonist Hand has the hand-drawn feel of Comic Sans, but cleaner and taller.

Alternatives to Comic Sans- FREE: Cartoonist Hand


Babiole is another hand-drawn font. Straight up letters but still casual.

Alternatives to Comic Sans- FREE: Babiole

Suplexmentary Comic

Suplexmentary Comic is wider than Comic Sans with more deliberate strokes.


Comic Neue

If you have a secret love affair with Comic Sans but are afraid to use it (and face the wrath of the Internet), then Comic Neue is for you. It’s a Comic Sans makeover to give the font a more modern look.



Why would you pay for a font when so many are free?  Better character options, extra glyphs or ornaments, and fewer people using them (aka better to help you stand out). I explain more in my Blog Design for Dummies book if you’re really curious.

This fonts range in price from $5 – $29.


For a more feminine alternative to Comic Sans, try Nora.



Sketchnote is more rugged than Comic Sans, but is otherwise pretty similar (in a good way).


Albus & Friends

Albus & Friends is a bubbly alternative to Comic Sans. Comes with fun ornaments like talk bubbles and clouds.



If you’re looking for a scribbly, messy font, try Haakke.



Blake is a thin, casual handwritten font.


 Have a favorite from the bunch?

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  1. says

    Maybe I’m just cranky, but I’ve always kind of liked Comic Sans. I don’t use it on my blog, but it does seem friendly and casual. I see nothing to loathe about it. Sure, there are MANY fun fonts to choose from, so go out there and chose WHATEVER font makes you happy!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Hi Dee- If you like Comic Sans, that’s totally fine! Part of the reason people dislike it so much is that it’s used EVERYWHERE. Fonts choices are so subjective because one person’s favorite font might be another person’s favorite. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. says

    I do like Comic Sans. I’m a 1st grade teacher so do use it quite a bit for school. I don’t think I’ve ever used it on my blog for my jewelry biz though! I love all of these free alternatives & downloaded a few! Thanks so much!!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      You’re welcome! I understand using it for school– in fact, I hear it’s easy to read for kids. Glad you love the alternatives though!

  3. says

    Okay, so I have a question…

    I’m still using a blogger hosted site (I’m working on being self-hosted! Working on! but for the meantime..) and I have NO IDEA how to upload different fonts to it. Is there a way? And can you detail the Way for us? Maybe?

    I’d love to use the Bubblegum one as post titles for ye ole blog…

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      I don’t know much about blogger but you probably have to just do Google Webfonts as an option. You can try googling “@font-face and blogger” to see if you can do it. If you can, you’d go to the Bubblegum font link above on Fontsquirrel and create a @font-face kit from their Webfont Generator. It sounds a little complicated with the license they have on the Bubblegum font though, so you’d have to download the font, THEN upload it to the Webfont Generator to create the file. Then you’d have to find a @font-face tutorial to see how to implement on Blogger. Sorry- I know that’s complicated! Try Google Webfonts and see if you can find a decent alternative. I think that will be easier to set up.

  4. says

    Thanks, I can always use font suggestions. Is there a way to find out what font another site is using other than asking? I’d love to know what the new font twitter uses is.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      The new Twitter font is Gotham! We use it at Burt’s too. If you want to know in the future, use Firebug (for FireFox) and inspect the font. It’ll show you in the CSS.

  5. says

    For anyone who uses PicMonkey to design graphics for their blog, they (Picmonkey) have just made it possible to use ANY font you have on your computer in your designs! So now, of course, I’m going on a font-finding expedition – I love the option of using something different, and not being tied to the same things everyone else is using.