Comment Vomit: How Not to Leave Comments

Comments are what make the bloggy world spin on its axis instead of crashing into its nearby planet Plain Boring Website. If you’re a blogger, comments are what push you to keep trudging through the writer’s block and what keep you from throwing in the towel. You love hearing from your readers because it means SOMEONE IS READING THIS STUFF (although many of us would still write even if no one was reading).

Comment Vomit: How Not to Leave Blog Comments

But bad comments – those icky self-centered comments – those are the ones that pop our little bubble of excitement.

Truth is, we’ve all been a victim of “comment vomit.” We may have even been the one vomiting on occasion.

Maybe self-centered comments don’t bother you, but they bother me. If you’re visiting a blog ONLY to have someone visit yours, well that’s no way to make friends.

Picture it in person: you’re having a conversation with someone and you’re telling them a story. A really great story. When you’re done, you pause and wait for a reaction. Then the person says:

“Just saying hi! Come on over to my house!”

What? Yeah, it’s weird in the blogosphere too.

OF COURSE part of the reason we comment on other blogs is that we hope they visit ours. But you really have to give to receive. Post genuine comments that show that you did in fact read their post. Because all us bloggers want is a little validation.

You may not learn anything today; you may be a perfect commenter! If so, just hang with me because this one is a bit of a rant. But I have to let it out because I’ve seen a few really hideous comments on people’s blogs lately (one in particular which I’ll share below).

Here are some of the worst offenders and how to remedy them:

Vague comments

Vomit: “LOVE your blog!” or “Nice post!”

Why it sucks: It tells me you don’t give a crap what I have to say. It tells me you’re the kinda person who just waits for me to finish my sentence so you can start talking about yourself.

Disclaimer: I don’t mind as much when regular commenters say this. I know they read it!

Comment Love: “LOVE your blog! You’ve got a really cute header and I like your writing style.” or “Nice post! That happened to me once too- glad you can laugh about it now.”

Why it doesn’t suck: It really didn’t take that much more time than the first one but it’s not generic.

“Pimping my giveaway” comments

Vomit: “Nice post. I’m doing a spectacular giveaway for a $2 product. There are 200 confusing ways to enter. Visit now!”

Why it sucks: Well, it shows that all you care about is promoting your stupid giveaway, not what I just wrote. Plus, it just sounds desperate.

Comment Love: After commenting about the post, maybe put something underneath that just says “My latest giveaway: $25 gift card to XYZ.”

Why it doesn’t suck: It’s not intrusive and it shows you somewhat cared about what that blogger had to say. If the blog you’re posting on has Comment Luv enabled and your giveaway was your last blog entry, just let that do the work for you.

New subscriber/follower comments

Vomit: “Stopping by to say hi! I’m your newest follower. Would be nice if you can follow me back!!!”

Why it sucks: I should be grateful. Instead I’m annoyed because it sounds like you just subscribed to my blog so I would subscribe to yours. Did you even read my post?

(By the way, I saw this exact yucky comment on someone’s blog once. The blogger has poured out her heart about her daughter who had died a few years ago and this is what someone commented. Way to be an A-hole.)

Comment Love: After commenting about the post, just tell the blogger you subscribed. If they visit you and like what they see, I’m sure they’ll subscribe to your blog too.

Why it doesn’t suck: Comments don’t need a call to action. It’s nice to tell someone you subscribed- you just don’t need to ask them to do the same.

Calling-you-out-when-it’s-completely-unrelated comments

Vomit (I actually saw this one the other day): Please write a post about [meme name here] or at least add the button. We are trying to spread the word. And this is one of the rules to join the linky. Thank you.

Why it sucks: Wow- throw someone under the bus why don’t ya?

Comment Love: How about a personal email to that person, a DM on Twitter on even a “could you get in touch with me about [meme]?” All are preferable to being called out in public.

Why it doesn’t suck: I think that’s obvious.

“Visiting from” comments

Vomit: “Found you on [random mom site]. Come follow me back at…”

Why it sucks: Again, you aren’t reading my post. You’re just going down a list of bloggers and copy and pasting the same message over and over.

Comment Love: Should I say it again? Comment ABOUT THE POST. Then tell me where you came from (or tell them where you came from first- doesn’t matter) if you’d like. No need to ask for the follow back.

Why it doesn’t suck: Personally, I like to know you came don’t mind knowing you came from SITS, Mom Bloggers Club, etc. That being said. I think it’s personal preference if you want to mention it. Just be sure to comment about the post too.

And here’s one that I’m on the fence about. What do you think?

Thank you comments

This is the one where someone says “thank you for visiting my blog!” Obviously, if that’s ALL they say, then I wonder why they even bothered commenting. BUT if a person says that and then comments about what you wrote, does it annoy you? Do you feel that they came to your blog ONLY because you came to theirs or are they just being nice?

What other types of comments bother you?

Do you delete them or leave them on your blog?

This article was originally posted on my other site, Adventuroo, where it racked up over 120 comments. To see the great conversations within those comments, head over to Adventuroo.

If you liked this post, Momcomm is chock full of helpful posts like 7 Mistakes Even Nice Blogs MakeThe Hello Bar Guide for Bloggers and What Disney Can Teach You about Branding Your Blog. You can even grab a free chapter of my book, Blog Design for Dummies, on my Facebook page.

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  1. says

    ugh hate those kinds of comments… I even put rules up on my comment section an one of them is “DON’T JUST SAY HI!”. I haven’t gotten many comments since 😛

  2. says

    Nice post! I’m doing a spectacular give away on my blog – check it out! He he! Just kidding! It was a great post and I wish all bloggers would read it! I personally despise the “I’m following you, please follow me back” comment.

  3. says

    I’m so glad somebody said it! I am loathe to leave any kind of self-promotion when leaving a comment (although I am always STOKED to see CommentLuv enabled!) I feel that if I post a pithy or clever comment, anyone who is interested can simply click on my name or avatar and find me.

    I have a few offenders, and have considered just taking those comments down, but whatever. I’ll probably never visit their blogs- anyone THAT desperate for followers needs to step back and re-assess (I’m NEW and I’ve figured that out already!)

    Those kinds of comments are almost as inconsiderate as leaving the toilet seat up.

  4. says

    I agree 100%. I don’t care for the commentors that only stop by because they saw my comment on their blog (unless it’s part of a blog commenting network I’m working for that particular purpose). It’s nice but I work too hard on my writing to have someone just comment something silly and unrelated ONLY after I’ve commented on their site first. This said, I’m a bad commenter. I have to make a concision habit of commenting on blogs I read other than thinking the comment and moving on without actually writing it out. 😀

    Great post though and I LOVE the button! TOO funny.

  5. says

    I am so glad to read this and know that I don’t leave comment vomit, lol. I do comment a lot and when I started reading this I thought you would mention me personally :) I have done some blog hops lately and honestly, if I don’t want to take the time to read the persons article then I also don’t comment just to mention that I found them at the blog hop. I can’t say people have done the same for me 😉

    I think if someone is commenting just to say thank-you for visiting their site then that’s ok, I do wish they’d read the post they are commenting on though. I really feel weird commenting when I didn’t read the post, so I don’t do it. Love your badge!

  6. says

    And another thing I just thought of – I almost always mention where I found their site or that I liked it or that I tweeted it or that I am now following. I’ve even asked some people where I could subscribe by email. I do this because I would LOVE to know where people are coming from or that they are showing me some love, who doesn’t want to know this stuff?

    BTW: This is my kind of comment vomit lately, scatter brain and too much time on my hands. I read the article, write my comment then write another one because I forgot to mention something. LOL Another thing I would love- someone who cared so much about my article that they just couldn’t stop commenting on it, lol.

    • melissa says

      Your comments made me laugh out loud! I agree that it’s nice to tell people where you came from (when it’s followed by a genuine comment about the post of course)! It helps me gauge if my efforts in being involved in a certain site is worth it.

  7. says

    I found you because I saw that awesome button on another blog… so intrigued I had to click on it and this post made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I have just started participating in some hops, and some of the comments that have resulted are just… well… less than enthusiastic? Great post… I hope this isn’t vomit. 😉 Orangies Attic

    • melissa says

      Not vomit at all! I think blog hops are the worst offenders. Glad you like the button– it makes me laugh too.

  8. says

    Love this! Your buttonn is going up on my blog.

    Sometimes I leave lengthy comments and include a personal anecdote on why I can relate to thier post. Is this vomit?

    • melissa says

      Wow I’m so lame for responding so late to this. Not sure how I missed it! Nah that’s not vomit! Anything that’s a genuine comment isn’t vomit, which personal anecdotes are definitely genuine!

  9. says

    Ooooh! Thank you so much for telling it like it is. There was a time when bloggers had blogger buddies – people who you never met but cared about you and what you wrote and kept coming back.

    Now it feels like there is so much focus on the business side of blogging – getting traffic – that people aren’t taking the time to really connect on a personal level. I like to make money on my blog, don’t get me wrong, but when I stopped blogging for a month and started to get emails from other bloggers who wondered what was going on with my disappearance their concern was worth more than the $$$.

  10. says

    I don’t know how I hadn’t found your blog before now….so glad for SITS. This post just lays it all out. When I first started out, I didn’t know a whole lot about commenting/blogging, but now that I’ve been doing this for a couple years, I’ve learned a lot….kinda know better. Wish some bloggers did know better. Is that too harsh?:) Don’t get me wrong; I feel like there’s so much to still learn that it would be impossible to learn it all in one lifetime. But I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve gotten that were one-liners, “Love this post!” Really, what do you love about it? I love it too….just sayin’. LOL Oh, and the follow me back comments are the worst. I’d love to hear what you have to say about automatic follow me DM’s on Twitter.:) Nah, I’m really not complaining, but I’m definitely agreeing with your post. Thanks for everything you write….there is so much to learn, and yours is one blog I’m so grateful to have found. Keep on educatin’.

  11. says

    First of all, I read your Lesson 2: Brainstorming post on SITS…then I had to come check out your blog…and then I saw the button and I had to see what that was all about. :)

    And now I just have to say “Amen, Sister”!!!! My biggest comment pet peeve is people leaving condescending approval. I love to know someone read my post and yeah it’s great to have someone agree with me or think my post or photo are amazing/brillant/beautiful/funny, etc. But it bugs me when it’s like the comment is a stamp that reads “approved by ____________”. Don’t make a comment sound like my 3rd grade teacher’s comments on a report or test “good job” or “nice try.” I’m sharing, yes….but I’m not really looking for approval. Well I kinda am looking for approval. :) But genuine love/support/kinship and comments that make me want to reply back are awesome!! Maybe that is too much to ask.

    • melissa says

      Yeah, the approval thing is pretty weird! I’m outta school and I certainly don’t need people acting like my teacher!

      Thanks for stopping by from SITS! Glad you liked my brainstorming post!

  12. says

    Thank you for this. I’m sure I offended during hops (because I thought the hosting sites wanted it mentioned in the comments) but it would be nice to not feel that I had to add that into a comment.

    Grabbing that button because I did get a vomit comment just yesterday!

  13. says

    Is great reading posts about comments and then commenting on the posts – kinda like the whole idea eating itself and then being, just like your term, comment vomit. Even saying comment vomit reels off the tongue in an awkward way so I guess it has immediate meaning.
    ‘Desperately Seeking Approval’ could be another button idea if you have the time, seems like a few of us have experienced that too!
    Personally, I approve what may well be deemed comment vomit as I am yet to have the luxury of enough comment momentum – otherwise my blogs would appear vacant and unread.

    • melissa says

      Brendan- Thanks for commenting (and not vomiting- haha). I love Desperately Seeking Approval. Yes, definitely experienced that.

      Don’t worry- you’ll get more and more comments and those crappy ones will get a big, fat delete!

  14. says

    wow, that was great! very funny and informative. I’ve been blogging for a year and I still feel new at it. trying to pay attention to blogger etiquette and what things mean. I saw the little “comment vomit” badge on another blog and i googled “comment vomit” (i didn’t realize it was a badge) and your blog was the first one to pop up. I’m excited to have found this. Thanks for the post, and I really mean that when I say it. :)

    • melissa says

      Glad you liked it (and really meant it- haha). I think people get so wrapped up in getting followers that they don’t stop to think of the golden rule. I sure wouldn’t want to get a comment that had nothing to do with my post so I won’t do it to anyone either. The golden rule is a great motto to live by in life AND in blogging! :-)

  15. says

    I LOVE the badge! I’ll have to add it to my site.
    I get a lot of comment vomit! One time I even put in my post that I’m not into the “I’ll follow you if you follow me thing” and I still got like 4 comments on that post requesting a follow and nothing else. Sigh.

    • melissa says

      Gah- don’t you have that? It’s obvious that they are just copying and pasting as they run through a bunch of blogs. Hate that!

      • says

        Yeah it is obvious! And what’s ironic about it is they are doing it to seek readers of their blogs. But I think you have to be a good reader to attract good readers. I don’t really see the point in having thousands of followers if no one is actually reading your posts!

  16. says

    I read this article last night and it had me wondering about comment vomit approval. I have to approve each new commenter individually so they will get past my spam filter. Should I approve comment vomit? I generally do if the person’s link isn’t a commercial site.

    • melissa says

      Hey– sorry for the super delay in responding! As for your question, it’s up to you. Some people do because they don’t get many comments yet as their blog grows and others don’t because they don’t like their posts filled with those comments. If you’re comfortable putting the comment up, then go for it.

  17. says

    I agree with you almost completely. Though, I don’t mind the so-called “Thank You” comments. I see it as just being nice and polite. But if that’s all they say, and nothing else, then it’s kinda annoying.

    • melissa says

      I can see your point on this. I’ve just seen blogs whose ONLY comments start with “thanks for commenting on my blog.” I feel bad for them because it’s like they only got comments because THEY commented. I tend to think of how that looks to a new reader. It’s definitely nice but it can sometimes sound like they just feel obligated to comment since they received a comment.

      Thank you for your comment and sorry it took so darn long to respond.

  18. says

    If someone just comments “I’m following, please following me at…”, I delete it. But I must say I’m guilty of the “thanks for visiting my blog”, BUT I always comment on one of their posts, then I say thanks. I didn’t know this was a no-no.

    But I agree with all the other comment vomit! Also those who stick business links into a comment, I delete them, because I know they are not sincere & are only trying to promote their business.

    • melissa says

      Thanks for your comment!

      With the thanks for visiting ones, I’ve just seen blogs whose ONLY comments start with “thanks for commenting on my blog.” I feel bad for them because it’s like they only got comments because THEY commented. I tend to think of how that looks to a new reader. While it’s definitely nice and polite to thank someone, a new reader could look at their blog and think that others only comment because they just feel obligated to. It’s not a huge deal though. The others are MUCH worse!

  19. says

    This is fantastic, and I love that little button too, I’m going to have too add it to my blog! Thanks for sharing, I think we all could use a reminder and some people could use a whole lesson-like you just provided. :)

    Much love, visiting from SITS. Have a beautiful day!

    • melissa says

      Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the button– it definitely makes me laugh.

  20. says

    Your post was great. I’ve read others about blog etiquette and this should go right along with it. I haven’t seen one about how to comment. I agree that the “I found your blog and blah blah and follow me back” are SO vomit. I saw one the other day on this really sincere post. You know they didn’t even read it. Very annoying.
    But I don’t think the “thanks for visiting my blog” is that bad. I like to reply back to my commenters and if I can’t because of no reply@blogger and their comment was great, then I go visit them. I want them to know I stopped in because they took the time to read my post and comment. I will read their post and comment about it as well. I can see how it can go either way.

    • melissa says

      Thanks for commenting! I can definitely see how the “thank you” can do both ways too. I’ve just seen blogs whose ONLY comments start with “thanks for commenting on my blog.” I feel bad for them because it’s like they only got comments because THEY commented. I tend to think of how that looks to a new reader. It’s definitely nice but it can sometimes sound like they just feel obligated to comment since they received a comment.

      I can see though if you have no option then you could still say thanks!

  21. says

    I think about this all the time! I actually decide on which blog hops to do based on the comments I receive. I actually linked up to one and I got ripped apart in my comment section because they didn’t like how I structured my post. It was a deeply personal post. And it actually hurt a bit.

    I also had someone jump me about their button because I forgot to put it on my blog post. The funny thing is that they were demanding I ad it to my blogroll.

    Today I actually had comment vomit on twitter. Now for the record I love comments about my blog on twitter, but when you comment is to go read your post about something that isn’t remotely close to what I was writing about. Its a little annoying.

  22. says

    So glad you wrote this! I have people write “I love your blog design, found you through xyz, would love a follow back” all the time.
    I do not follow back.
    I think it’s important to comment on the content of the post.
    I don’t appreciate requests for follows, this isn’t facebook.
    Your post is perfection, perhaps the prerequisite before commenting should be to read it.

  23. says

    You’ve just provided my with my newest favorite comeback: “I should be grateful. Instead I’m annoyed.”

  24. says

    Thank you so much for this post!

    Being new to blogging I’m sure that I have offended along the way with comment vomit. I realized in a very short time that I do hate these kinds of comments so I try very hard not leave it on others blogs. Bloggers labor over articles that they write and want genuine comments. I am learning more and more with each blog that I read, thanks again. I love comment vomit button. :)

  25. says

    Nice blog! Great post! I’m doing a giveaway! Kidding, kidding! For the longest time I hardly ever received comments so even if someone commented, “your blog sucks and I’m only reading cuz someone is holding a gun to my head,” I would have run around my house screaming and peed my pants from excitement. I don’t think I’ve ever received comment vomit and I SERIOUSLY hope I’ve never given it.

  26. says

    couldn’t help but chuckle all through these vomit comments. I have had everyone of them on my blog before and they all make me cringe The last one you asked about – The thank you comment. If someone says “thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a nice comment, It really meant a lot to me” and then adds a comment on the post as well. I can’t understand how that would annoy someone. I have done this many times and I mean it sincerely. I’m not just blowing hot air. Love the button – very cute!

  27. says

    This is awesome! Amen sister! I wrote a post about my son who passed away 4 years ago, and got one of those damn I’m following you, follow me back comments. & You’re right, way to be a jackass on there part. I hate people who do this. I will be coming back to grab this button. Thanks love!

  28. says

    This is awesome. Unfortunately, I bet people who leave vomit comments won’t read it before commenting! I’m just starting and just get a few comments each post, so I haven’t gotten vomit comments, but I’m constantly amazed by the spam comments. I get about 15 a day. Do they even work for those people? Ever? Thanks for your blog. It’s so nice to have a professional offering advice to mom bloggers.

  29. says

    I still feel so new to this whole blogosphere, so as I read this article, at first I was cringing inside, waiting to find out that I have left comment vomit on someone’s site. When I finished reading it, I was relieved—and proud—to learn that I in fact have never left any vomit anywhere. I love this advice, and I’m going to pass it on to some new blogger friends. I definitely think we need to spread the word in the hopes of stopping this horrible phenomenon!

    Thanks! BTW, I’m adding the button to my site—I love it!

  30. says

    This is my largest Pet Peeve evar.
    I spend A LOT of time actually READING blogs and leaving nice, genuine comments that I would love receiving, had I wrote the post. Then below it someone says “great post!!!” like an idiot and they get replied to with a “thanks!” Is there a comment-vomit-reply-vomit? I have that, too.

    Thanks for all the tips! Love the SITS feaure right now about blog critiques!

  31. says

    Great post! Would love to have you follow me back, well, because I’m awesome! Not that I read your post or anything like that. I’m just here to get you to “like” me. 😛 NOT!

    Gosh, so glad I can’t say that at all. Very funny but so incredibly true about how it really is not that personal at all. The comments where they don’t take time to read is very obvious, especially when you pointed out about the mom who lost her child and the comment received.

    It always warms my heart when someone takes the time to write about what they liked or how it made them feel. I personally respond back to every single one, because they took the time to comment. In today’s busy world, someone making a comment really is important to me. Thanks for letting me enjoy a little bit of tongue in cheek humor over your post and for educating me even more! ~ Wendy

  32. Jan says

    I’ve just read this and I must say that it is a full load of hooey. You’re complaining about someone who actually takes the time to tell you that they’ve dropped by to visit your blog ….and making that a problem? Aside from the obvious — annoying spammers or hate-mongers — can you tell me why you and your ilk can turn someone saying that they like your blog, a problem?

    Sorry, but I’m sitting here completely gobsmacked at your pretentiousness.

    • melissa says

      Momcomm is geared towards bloggers and this post hits on something pretty common in the blogging world. A “nice post” comment from another blogger who has never been to someone’s blog before is typically someone who’s going from blog to blog copying and pasting the same message in hopes that someone will visit THEIR blog.

      For someone outside the blogging world, it may look pretentious. But after seeing comments like “nice post!” or “love your blog” on posts about heart-wrenching posts about losing children or other tragedies, I assure you it’s not.

      Thanks for your comment!

  33. Jan says

    “For someone outside the blogging world…” oh dear, you didn’t really just say that. Sorry Melissa, but that phrase just re-confirms what I said.

    I stand by “Pretentiousness”. It’s spot on.

  34. says

    When I first started blogging, I would link up to blog hops in hopes of finding blogs I’d enjoy. I also was stupid in thinking that I would gain some new readers (key word: READERS), thus building a community from my site.
    Let’s just say that I stopped doing blog hops shortly after. I would receive comment vomit after comment vomit, and it was so bad that I actually started deleting them. I hated that I spent my time reading, and I mean really reading, and commenting on blogs only to receive, “Stopping by from XYZ!”
    Comment vomit is annoying and it’s rude. And that’s not pretentious. That’s just a FACT.

  35. says

    OMG I love you. A month or two ago I wrote a rant about blog hops for this very same reason and have since created 2 that require meaningful comments. People take the time and effort to write their posts, it’s so extremely rude to just ignore them. My new policy is your comment will be deleted if it doesn’t pertain to the post.

    I don’t know if we saw the same blog or if it’s happened more than once (I wouldn’t be surprised), but I too saw someone pour thier heart out about losing a child and in the comments was something about how they are following the blog and they would love a follow back. You’re right…what an asshole. There really is no other word to describe a person like that.

    Thank you so much for posting this and for the awesome button. It’s going to be going up in a lot of places and posts on my site. You rock!


  36. says

    Melissa, this is a fabulous post! I’ve never understood the “I am visiting from …” comments. I’ve wondered if that’s like saying, “Come visit my exotic land where I am from” or “I am visiting one time, and then I’ve got to go back home”! Either way, it doesn’t signal that you’re interested in the articles that I’ve written.

    And Melissa, you can come over to my house anytime! 😉 😉

    You nailed all the awful comments

    (By the way, I can imagine a sequel blog article of annoying emails. I despise the emails where people clearly have not read your blog at all.)

  37. says

    I usually post “vague comments” because I don’t speak english, but I try a lot to write something about the blog post. This one is just great!!! All of your blog tips are!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!

  38. says

    OMG- I love this. I am a new blogger and I am shocked by how many people write, “new follower, follow me back”. I follow blogs because I enjoy reading them not because they follow me or I want them to follow me.

  39. says

    I think I may have committed those comment vomits once or twice. sometimes the post makes me want to react badly so I couldn’t really say much. I think that’s what most people do sometimes. I go by the rule – if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all. but I do feel that someone visits me and leave a comment & don’t do the same.

    I do see these comment vomits all the time on my blog. I don’t mind them. I leave them be. it’s so much easier to ignore than to go & chase them out.

    hope you’re having a lovely day.

  40. says

    Thank you for this! My least favorite is, “this is great, now come see what I have to sell.” I have to say I do LOVE comments! Don’t we all! Woo Hoo!!

  41. says

    Agree agree agree 1,000% agree! I let slide the ones that post a link to their blog after their comment if they actually comment on my post but really, come on, if you typed in your info to identify you in the comment, you DON”T need to post a link to your blog. Duh. I think people sometimes don’t get that people pour their hearts out in their blog entries and how that deserves comment-respect.

    • melissa says

      1,000% percent— love that! Yep, it all becomes clear if someone would just put themselves in the blogger’s shoes when they leave a comment. If they wouldn’t want that kind of comment, then don’t do it to others!

  42. says

    I couldn’t agree more with all the types of ucky comments. I like to visit people’s blogs as a thank you for commenting on my blog, but, I never say thank you for visiting. I like to focus on THEIR blog when I’m on their blog, so I focus on whichever posts resonated most with me and comment about that post. Or posts.

    I absolutely LOVE the title of this post and then when I saw the graphic, oh man, I was in love!! In love with vomit? Oh, that’s so wrong! But I can’t help it – it’s so cute, but, it’s about grossness – it’s too funny!!!

    • melissa says

      The graphic of the cloud still cracks me up and I see it daily!

      Thanks for the comment! I feel bad when someone has 5 comments that all say “thanks for stopping by my blog!” I do what you do and focus on THEM not me.

  43. says

    This is downright hilarious!! As a fashion blogger, I come across “comment vomit” very often. I’m not a fan! I’ve gone as far as dropping hints about the vague “you look great” vs. something specific, “that color is so flattering on you!” .. didn’t work. You said it perfectly! I have to grab the badge. =)

  44. says

    UGH! when I started my facebook fan page for my blog I posted the link in a community (which name I will not mention) and all I got for one week was “im your newest follower from {crappy community} now go follow me back!” over and over and over. I wanted to say biat** you’re not even in the niche that I write for, why are you following me? You don’t care what I have to say. (I write about and for military spouses and NONE of the new “fans” were linked to the military)….Guess I should have been more specific about my site when I posted the link in the community. It is such an odd and angering feeling to get “comment vomit” and you totally nailed it on the head!

  45. says

    Hi, I immediately headed on over here, after your comment on my blog. It’s great to know I’m not the only one feeling annoyed with bloggers who don’t bother to read your post.

    As to your question about ‘Thank you’ comments: I think they’re alright, as long as the thank you is followed by some meaningful feedback.

    I don’t delete comments on my blog, but I do throw them into the trash when I get an email notification someone has left a comment, and it’s only a ‘Please follow me’ request. I seriously háte those comments!

    I loved your post by the way!

  46. says

    Such a good post … I think we can all relate to those things that we just hate. I love getting comments on my blog but it’s a complete turn-off when they aren’t legit and are only about self-promotion. The only problem? I fear the ones leaving all the crappy comments aren’t the ones reading posts like this. :)

  47. says

    Ugh, just had 2 of these comments vomited in a row. Made me so mad. Thanks for speaking up for all of us. I wanted to tell one that did a new follower vomit that, “No jerkface, I will not follow you back because you didn’t even read my post and are just spamming for followers.” Instead I left a lovely comment on her blog and went on my merry way, never to visit again.

  48. says

    Valid and resinating points: Specifically, the bloggers who talk about personal or difficult subjects and the comments are generic or marketing in nature. Agree, not cool. Glad you pointed that out. Great post! I enjoyed reading it and feel enlighten to a culture of bad behavior I have not tuned into.

  49. says

    Hi! I’m your newest follower and it would be great if… just kidding! Wouldn’t it be awful if someone left a vomit comment on this post in particular?

    I agree with you (and just grabbed your badge – love it!). If someone leaves a generic comment on my blog or leaves a comment introducing themselves as a new follower with nothing other to say beside, “Come check me out!”, then it makes me even less likely to click on their blog. Comments are how you connect and meet other people – it’s how I’ve formed friendships around the world. If someone leaves a vague comment, it tells me that they’re not interested in building relationships and meeting new people, but building up their numbers. No thanks.

    • melissa says

      Thanks for grabbing the badge and glad you liked the post! I really think the new follower ones are the worst because it’s so obvious what they want (a follow back).

  50. says

    I used to get a lot of comment vomit when I participated in weekly blog hops. Now that I have sincere readers, I always spam or delete comment vomit.

    I think “thank you” comments can be good or bad. If all they say is “Thank you for visiting my blog! Visiting you back!” That’s definitely comment vomit. However, I love getting comments from people that say “Thank you” for a comment I left on their blog, when they really mean it AND they mention something about my post. That’s encouraging to me. If I thank a reader for visiting or commenting, I always mention it last, and I have to be truly thankful! Case in point, THANK YOU for writing this post! I know it has, and will continue, to make blogging a better experience for all of us!

    • melissa says

      I agree with you Emily! Genuine thank yous are great! And yes, this post is over a year old so I hope little by little it cures the bloggy world of crappy comments. LOL.

  51. says

    I saw some vomit yesterday. I was checking in on a blog friend and read her post about what’s happening in her life. She talked about her husband losing his job and how concerned she was. She also included some updates on her son. Well this idiot woman clearly didn’t read the post and made some lame-o comment about how fast kids grow up. What a tool. It made me think of you and what you said at BBCATL. Good talk, by the way.

    • melissa says

      See? That’s the crap I’m talking about. I SO want to call people out when I see that on another blog but it’s not my place… so I write a post about it. HA! Glad you liked my BBCATL stuff. I was nervous at first but it was a blast to present once I got up there.

  52. says

    I don’t delete any of the comments, but I’m still not getting that many. I have read on friends blogs comments that have nothing to do with the post and I am guilty of vague coments, I promise I will be more careful…

    • melissa says

      Maribel- Thanks for the comment! I think vague comments are just dandy if you’re already a regular commenter. Where it gets tricky is that some bloggers go around pasting “Great post!” on various blogs without reading the post, just hoping they’ll get a visit from the blogger. That’s the kind of yucky stuff I’m referring to. :-)

      • says

        I agree, but what happens if you feel there is nothing else to add? I mean comments add to your post with the readers perspective (at least that’s the way I feel about it) that’s when I don’t comment. Is that considered rude? I have some friend bloggers that think it’s rude that I don’t comment on each of their posts and there are some that I can relate to their posts and end up commenting on every one of their posts!

  53. says

    Love your post. *giggle* I never really thought about what type of comment I was leaving. I guess I figured the person realized I read the post if I took the time to comment at all. I think it’s lame as hell to request somebody follow me back tho (or anybody else asking the same request). Lame-0. I promise, just b/c of this post, I’ll be more aware of what I say. Or rather what I don’t say. 😉

    • melissa says

      If you haven’t thought much about it, that’s because you’re nice and leaving genuine comments! :-) It’s the “GREAT POST!” comments on posts just to get someone to visit THEIR blog that get me. I cringe when I see it on someone’s heartfelt, sad post.

      Again, I’m sure you’re doing just fine with your comment-leaving!

  54. says

    I’m a brand new blogger, but have been following blogs for awhile now. I don’t think I realized there were ‘rules’ to commenting. :) I’m sure I’ve left some vague comments, not because I didn’t read the post, but because I didn’t really have anything to add to a “great post.” I’ll try harder now! Do you ever get comments that aren’t in English? I just received one that, nerd that I am, I googled the translation- yep, penis enlargement. ~sigh!~

  55. says

    Thank you for writing exactly what I’ve been thinking! I have participated in a whopping total of 3 blog hops and have started to regret it already. Nothing seems as boring as just commenting for someone to follow you back. At first, I started to see this as the norm, and I probably did it at least once to someone on one of the blog hops (sorry) but then I got the weirdest feeling when I started to get those comments pouring in on mine. I even wanted to delete them. I am going to share this with people, I hope it makes people think, because I am sure there isn’t one blogger out there who wouldn’t rather have genuine comments that take more effort than copy/paste does! :)

  56. says

    I’m not exactly a novice, but this was very enlightening! I don’t think I’ve ever comment vomited, but it is good to have some guidelines! Thanks!

  57. Ellouise says

    I saw your button on ‘A New Kind Of Normal’ and just had to click through to find out what it was all about. It is so very true that this happens all the time. I’m a newbie to blogging but it didn’t take me long to figure out the ulterior motive to such comments!

    Now I’ve found your blog I look forward to studying it for your tips and advice.

    • melissa says

      Thanks so much for the comment, Ellouise! Good for you for catching on so quickly! I see people who’ve been blogging a while STILL vomiting on pages!

  58. says

    As far as Thank You comments goes, I leave them. I think it’s nice that they came and visited and left a message. Maybe they didn’t read the blog, but they visited the site. If they’re interested, they’ll come back.

  59. says

    Hahahahaaa =p
    The worse ARE the follow back ones. even on Twitter.
    I mean, I usually do check out the recent followers but sometimes when people behave this way, or have #TeamFollowBack in their bio, sorry but *pukes*
    That’s just annoying.
    BTW I am your new follower =p *waves at ya*

    • melissa says

      People seriously put #teamfollowback in their bios? GAH. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

      Thanks for all the comments yesterday, girlie. You rock!

  60. says

    And my newest kind of annoying comment vomit is the random person who searches for a comment luv enabled blog to post their crappy spammy link on. Now, I have a few people who came to leave a commentluv enabled link and have ended up staying for the party. I let their post stand as long as they are not linking to anything offensive or doofy. BUT if you come to comment on my blog, leave a comment such as “this was something everyone needed to read today.” and link to “How to find hot singles in your area.” I will delete your comment and block it. I’d rather have 100 #teamfollowback comments than one of those.

    • melissa says


      I kept seeing a ton of these recently. I finally looked and noticed a common IP address and blocked them using the plugin WP-Ban!

  61. says

    We are new to blogging and you have become our tech and etiquette hero. I read one post of yours that was about linking in your site and it was truly a “smack my head” moment.
    I will now be tweeking my comments a little, although I let out a sigh of relief that I had not performed any huge faux pas.
    I hope to add your “comment vomit” badge when we get to the point of being over run with comments. (Im)Patiently waiting…
    Is it okay to thank you? 😉

    • melissa says

      Awww thank you SO much. And yes, it’s totally great to say thank you! :) Thanks for the kind words!

  62. says

    I wouldn’t comment for the longest time because I wan’t really sure what to say. Thanks for this post, it really helped me feel better about it. Another bad way to comment is to ask a question that has NOTHING to do with your blog. If you don’t know the answer, it makes you feel like a complete loser!

  63. says

    As a new blogger AND blogger reader I found it really hard to know what and how to comment on posts that I’d read. I would read the post, really like what was written and would write: great post! I’m trying to write better comments, comments with substance and less of this !

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  65. says

    Great post! I totally agree with you on all points—although I do sometimes leave my blog address on comments, but ONLY after I’ve read the post and made a good comment. Maybe I should stop that…I always feel kind of bad.

    I generally appreciate all other comments…everyone has their own style and way of connecting with what they read. If that means they are totally self-centered and just want to compare what THEIR baby is doing to what MY baby is doing, that’s fine. At least they are reading! :)

  66. says

    This is great- I have been guilty of this before but it is so great to here what you think about it. I have only been blogging for a few months so I love getting new blogging tips! This is the first post i’ve seen on comment etiquette! So glad I found it!

  67. says

    Nice post! Just want say hi!

    Just kidding, :p.. yea, I feel that too, it’s fill my guest book.. Well, I just leave it there ._.

  68. says

    This is great! I will definitely be keeping this post around to share. The badge is pukey-dorable. I think I may just use it in my sidebar. I am right there with you on hating placating and self-centered comments…be real or be gone. thanks for reading my ind and sharing! :)


  69. says

    I hope I haven’t been too guilty of any of these, but am sure I was at one point or another- especially back in the beginning. I do hate when people do the pimping the giveaway or their own blog comments. It is so obviously a copy and paste!

  70. says

    Great post!
    HA! Seriously, though. I hate comment vomit. When I get those comments, I’m not very motivated to visit those blogs and/or replay to them. I usually just ignore them and spend my time interacting with people who *want* to interact.

  71. says

    Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something “relevant” to say; but with a little thought (and looking around the page!) everyone should be able to find something more than “hi.” Let’s hope this goes viral; I’m doing my part & sharing & pinning it!

  72. says

    Your “pimping my giveaway” comment vomit cracked me up. Seriously, some of these rafflecopters are getting wildly out of control with their 700 people you have to follow in groups of 10.
    Oh, and this is an awesome post, because it’s SO true!

  73. says

    EVERY blogger/reader needs to read this post!! ‘Nice blog! Follow me!’ ugghhh I hate it! I did a nail art tutorial some days back and at the end wrote for the READERS ‘it’s okay if it turns out messy’ and someone actually commented ‘No it’s not messy, it looks lovely’ thinking I was referring to MY nails. Guessing she only read the last line. I still replied ‘thank you’ ’cause I didn’t wanna look rude on my own blog.

  74. says

    I’ve been blogging about 9 mos. and I find the whole commenting thing – by far- the most challenging part of blogging. No matter how you do it, it’s wrong in someone’s eyes. You should reply to every comment, you shouldn’t reply to every comment… (I’ve decided on the latter, if my reply will only be “Thank you”, why bother them by making their smartphone go off? We all get enough emails. My post signature now says “thank you” in advance….) I was with you on each of these until the last one. Now I’m confused! The return-visit-and-leave-comment to say “Thanks for visiting me” and then comment thoughtfully on their post, I thought that was good etiquette, now I’m not so sure! The blogging community needs to get together and make a rule book on comments for us newbies, it would make life so much easier, lol.

  75. says

    Thank you!! I can’t believe how yucky some comments can be. More often than not, I don’t leave a comment because I don’t feel like my response is worth the time to type it or anyone else read. If I love a post I will just share it. It is far more effective than just saying “Love It”.

  76. says

    Great post! Love your blog. Come visit!

    Hee hee, just kidding.

    The longer I blog, the more I recognize “comment vomit” (love that phrase!) and just delete. I really appreciate what I’ve been learning from your blog, and one day when I don’t have a newborn I hope to join your media kit course! Definitely on my to do list…

  77. says

    I’ve never commented before, so hi! I really like your ten minute tips b/c I can actually do something in ten minutes. So helpful! Also, comment vomit is awesome, especially the graphic, made me laugh out loud. =)

  78. says

    Your comments absolutely hit the nail on the head.

    That said, although I get traffic numbers I am (almost) happy with, I get virtually no comments vommmity or not on my blog. Maybe a bit sad, but I am happy even for these, so long as not completely self serving. lol. I get lots more comments on google+, probably because I engage more there myself.

    Now that Ive stumbled on your site, i can def see myself popping back on a regular basis. lots of useful topics. I originally came in through a pin for your 10 min touch ups: Break your commenting routine.

  79. says

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  80. says

    I may have made a big mistake but I stopped doing the bloggy hop shenanigans because I don’t just want pretend followers and the sheer volume of “HEY! Followed you now come follow me!” Made me feel overwhelmed and dirty. I am a classy lady, I do not blog hop around just liking whatever! I need a commitment and I want to commit to you! I also don’t have a lot of followers so maybe I should be dirty for a minute or two.

  81. says

    I’ve been entering in a lot of link-ups recently and in return I have gotten a TON of “Stopping by from XYZ” comments. Should I delete them, ignore them, ever bother with approving them again? I love all of the points you touched on here. I really don’t like insincere comments and am hoping on getting rid of them entirely on my blog. Thanks!


  1. […] 7. Read and comment on other blogs. I wrote “Give Someone Comment Love” during the SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge and it is still as true today as ever. You got to give some love to get some love. Even if you just visit one blog every day and leave them an honest to goodness authentic comment, it will be worth it. There is nothing worse than comment vomit. […]

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