Squeamish about Promoting Your Blog? Remember This Old Marketing Tip

Squeamish about promoting your own blog? Remember this old marketing tip.

A few days ago, I started seeing a post show up in my Facebook feed. The headline was very compelling and when my friends shared it, comments like “amazing!” and “Wow, that’s both incredible and sad!” made me even more curious.

But I didn’t click the link to the post that day.

Or the next.

In fact, it took me about three days of seeing this article in my feed to actually click that darn link. And man if it wasn’t one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. (I’ll tell you what the article was at the end of this post!)

Why did it take so long for me to actually click the link? No one reason. One time I was scanning the page when I had a quick second to catch up on friend updates, but didn’t have time to read a post. Once I was supposed to be working so I was trying to stay focused (though, yes, focus and Facebook don’t belong in the same sentence). Stuff like that.

With delay after delay, I became part of the old marketing concept called the Rule of Seven. It goes something like this:

People need to see or hear your message seven times to take action.

Sure many people might click a tweet or a pin right away. But many of us don’t take action the first time we see something. We don’t have time, we feel indifferent to the headline or topic, we’ll think we’ll remember to do it later. And so on.

That number was seven BEFORE social media and our never-ending distractions, too. Whether the number is three or thirty, the message is the same: people need to repeatedly hear your message.

For that reason alone, throw a farewell party for your self-promotion squeamishness. Because as long as you aren’t just promoting yourself, most of your audience will appreciate that you’re repeating your message. It might just the one post/tweet/pin that drives them to actually take action.

So how can you promote bits and pieces of your blog over and over?

Promote a New Post (More than Once)

I know you promote new posts. But how about more than once? Your entire audience isn’t online at the exact same time so when you post something new, spread out the sharing of your posts on social media. Maybe you tweet and G+ your new post in the morning, then put it on Pinterest in the afternoon and Facebook in the evening.

You can also promote on the same platform more than once. On Twitter, I often promote new posts three times on the day it’s published: morning, noon and night. But change it up instead of repeating yourself three times. For example, if I got some great comments, I might tweet, “Wow you guys really have a lot to say about what I wrote today! Add your two cents: LINK.”

Promote an Older Post

Don’t forget to promote evergreen content, like last year’s holiday craft posts or time-saving home organization tips. A reader might have seen your craft last year but never had time to make it or perhaps they’re finally committed to organizing their home. Or maybe they’re a new reader and your old content is brand spankin’ new to them.

Some of my best traffic comes from older posts that I promote on Twitter. (I cheat and use the Tweet Old Post plugin). Heck, I have people REREADING old posts and finally putting my advice or tip to use. So don’t be scared of it.

Remind Your Readers about an Offer or Giveaway

We’re all so rushed and hurried these days. I actually appreciate reminders when I get them from others. Recently, Kohl’s sent me an email that I earned $5 in Rewards. “Ah, I’ll get to that,” I kept saying. It wasn’t until they sent an email saying my $5 off would expire that I actually scooted over to the store to buy something. And I only live one mile away!

If it’s the last day to enter a giveaway, by all means tell people! If 100 people downloaded your e-book at its special price, share it. Continually keep your audience in the loop throughout these special offers.

Ask Readers to Follow You on Another Platform

If you’re on Twitter, ask followers to follow you on Pinterest. On Facebook? Come over to G+ too! But make it worth their while with an enticing call to action.

“Follow me on Pinterest!” doesn’t cut it. Everyone says that.

“Get DIY ideas for your home, easy-to-make weekday recipes, and rainy day craft ideas on my Pinterest boards!” is much better.

Here’s How to Make Self-Promotion a Habit

While it’s easy to nod your head and say “Yes I should do ALL THE SELF-PROMOTING THINGS!,” chances are if you don’t make it a habit, you’ll likely forget I even brought it up. So here’s my tip:

Plan your promotional messages in advance.

Use a content or editorial calendar to map out when you’re going to promote what so that you don’t forget. Don’t get caught up in any number of times you need to promote something. Just remember that repeating a message does work!

A Final Note

Finally, for the love of all things bloggy don’t ONLY promote your content. Share content from others and interact too. But I think you already knew that.

And if you want to know what article I finally clicked on, it’s from Viral Nova and titled I Noticed This Tiny Thing on Google Maps. When I Zoomed In… Well, Nothing Could Prepare Me. Tell me if THAT doesn’t make you want to click (but comment or share this post before you go!)

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  1. says

    I’ve been really slack with promoting my own posts more than once on all the various platforms, even Twitter, which is the easiest for me. So thank you for the reminder that it’s okay to do so!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      I get slack sometimes too! Especially when I know I don’t have time to promote others, then I just don’t promote myself either. But I’m getting back on track!

  2. says

    Great post and advice! Most of us have our new posts auto share on social media right when the post gets published, but we don’t remember to come back later and re-promote. I know I don’t. I really need to, but time and all that. Plus it doesn’t help that work seems to block most websites (not yours though for some reason) so I would be limited to scheduling it before leaving home on things like Buffer, or doing it when I get home. But this is a good reminder that continuous promotion is important, and it is also important to change up what you say about the link you are sharing. So thanks for this post :)

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Yes, being at work can definitely be a barrier! If your post is scheduled and not saved as a draft, you can see the permalink before it’s actually published. You can copy the permalink and then schedule tweets for later in the day that will post after the post is live. That way you could finish a post one night, schedule it, then schedule all the promotions for Twitter and FB using Buffer. Maybe that will help!

  3. says

    Great tips as usual. Thanks for the reminder to post regularly. I just tried the “giveaway ending soon” one on Facebook and got a surge of traffic so it works!

  4. says

    I struggled with this idea for a while, and then realized how important it is to get the dust off that old content! Everything we write was worth reading the day is was published, why isn’t it still relevant a few weeks or months later?!

    {and that article that you waited to read – I read it a few days ago. amazing, indeed!}

    • says

      What a great way to put it- if it’s so useful when we write it, then it will stay useful! I’m often squeamish about promoting myself because I don’t want to sound like a broken record or get on people’s nerves, but if I have faith in the stuff I’ve done, it’s worth mentioning (more than once!)

  5. says

    Great tips, Melissa! I often forget that not everyone is on Twitter at the exact moment I tweet my post, so I can probably do it again 8 hours later and reach totally different people.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Exactly! I also know some people don’t have access to certain websites at work and may not be able to check their phone for long stretches. I find it really does help to promote once to the “PM crowd.”

  6. says

    Thanks for the great post. It is nerve wracking as a new blogger to “promote” yourself. But without it, no one will ever see your work. Good ideas as to how, and why, to keep promoting your site.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Great point, Stephi! Yeah the whole “if you built it they will come” just doesn’t work. Self-promotion is so important to getting content out there!

  7. NicholeS says

    Awesome tips! And yes, I need to work this into my calendar or I will definitely forget. I’m especially bad with posting at different times of the day. My knee-jerk reaction is to get out there and be done. I forget that I need to come back and do it again. So… with that in mind, I think that in order for me to actually promote consistently I may need to schedule updates past those initial push/publish updates.

  8. says

    Thanks for the tips. Often I think I shouldn’t share my posts twice in the same day bc it will bother people but I suppose I should give it a try! For the morning AND evening crowd. :)

  9. says

    Thank you so much for this post! It was right on time! I schedule my posts throughout the day due to my work schdule and am more active on some social media platforms in the evening but, I didn’t want to post too much and be annoying to my audience! I My goal is to get my posts read by different people each time I post on social media and increase dialogue, visitors and pageviews on my blog!

  10. says

    I really need to get better at promoting my own posts and sharing older ones. I often complain my traffic sucks (I’m always below triple digits) yet I’m probably not doing enough to even get any eyes on my content. I’m determined to bring my traffic up and start seeing triple digit traffic each day. It’s driving me bonkers seeing only two digits each day. Haha.

  11. says

    I clicked on the link and was aww struck. I also can’t believe that it hasn’t been completely cover in sand since 2007. And yes that you for the reminder that I must get back on my bloggy track. I also ordered your book from amazon and I’m a couple of chapters into it. I’m a person that reads things cover to cover and then goes through and implements.

  12. says

    I always wonder how many times is too many. I have a post that is getting great traffic, but I want more but I’m scared of over saturating!


  13. says

    Thank you for sharing Melissa! I just started my own design & career blogging site and will definitely use all of your helpful tips!

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing this, and making me realize how important sharing more than once really is! I have been using Hootsuite to schedule tweets for my posts so they are shared multiple times. I really need to promote multiple times on my other social media platforms as well.

  15. says

    Thanks so much for the wonderful reminder. Good content needs some help to fly. And, the only way to allow it to stretch its wings and soar is to set it free : ) I’m going to re-post something interesting right now. Cheers!

  16. says

    I always am afraid I’m going to come across as spammy – I guess because I always see everything in my feed! I KNOW not everyone does (heck, when you only see “7 people saw this” on FB and have 1000 followers, it’s disgustingly disheartening!) but I’m always afraid it’s the same 7 people who will see it. I think I need to get over it. :)