Blog Page Critique: The Hip Mothership

Welcome to another page critique! About pages, PR pages, product pages and so on are critical in helping you meet your bloggy goals. Each week I dissect a page on someone’s blog as a way to refine it into being more awesome. Read, learn and apply these tips to the important pages on your own blog. Here we go!

Blog: The Hip Mothership

Blogger: Megan

Page: About page

Blog Page Critique: The Hip Mothership

Megan’s blog is about raising triplets and a very rambunctious unusual older sister. They provide a bulk of her subject matter in my posts because she thinks that people can find humor in her stories, as well as learn from her experiences in motherhood.  Sometimes she tackles other topics too. In the last year or so Megan says her blog has transformed in that she tries to appeal to a greater audience with stories that more people can relate to.

Megan says that she wants her blog to entertain her readers with stories that touch emotions and keep people coming back for more. In her About Page, she wants people to see an honest representation of who she is and what her family is about.

She’d like more people to peruse her blog – including her About page. She wants to know if her page should be more interesting or have links at the bottom. She struggles with getting people to this page since many people read her blog through an RSS reader and wonders how to gain readership.


  • Your design caught my eye the first time I ever went to your blog. I just love your blog header! It’s not easy to mix illustrations with photos but your designer did a wonderful job.
  • It’s great that you have a picture at the top BUT your readers can hardly see you in it. Since you share mainly stories on your blog, I think it’s important for readers to put a face to the voice behind your blog. Consider using a closer shot of yourself!
  • Also, with this photo’s size, it leaves a lot of white space on either side of the photo. While that’s not a huge deal if further down the page, at the top it looks a little bare. Consider wrapping text around the image or making it larger to stretch most of the column.
  • I think you could add another subheading to the last section about how you and your hubby met. I didn’t understand why the photo was there at first since the description about how you met was under it.
  • Consider making that last photo a little smaller. That way, your photos will be consistent in size and this one doesn’t look like it’s more important (size often signals importance). Side note: we must be around the same age because our dating photos look like that. :)


  • I know you said you don’t really link to this page anywhere other than the menu bar. For About pages, it’s not as easy to figure out where to link it from. One idea though would be to add a link at the end of your blurb on the sidebar. However, it shouldn’t be something generic like “read more about me here!” Instead pull something interesting from your About page to entice someone to click over, like “Why the mothership?” or “Here’s how I ended up with all these kids.”
  • Other than that, I think you should link to your About page from your “About the Passengers” page and vice-versa. If someone starts on one page, there’s more than likely to go to the other page if they’re linked.
  • If you want more readers to see this page, consider adding an author box to the end of your posts that says a little about you and links to this page. There are a bunch of plugins to choose from like WP About Author that make this easy.


  • Overall, I think you’re a great writer. I loved reading how you became a mother to four!
  • At the top of the page it seems like there should be some text before the word “Mothership.” Until I start reading, I didn’t realize you were referring to yourself as the Mothership. When you look at your first few words on this page it’s About the Mothership, then Mothership which is a little confusing. Consider changing your second heading to something like “Who is the Mothership?”
  • I notice you don’t say your name anywhere on this page. Since you name the rest of your family, I assume it’s just an oversight! As a blogger who shares stories about life, having a name to reference you helps readers build a connect to you so consider working it in.
  • I like your story on the page but feel like your husband’s story as well as how you met might be better suited for the About the Passengers page. Use this page to tell your visitor about you and your blog. With shorter stories, having your hubby or kids on this page can work. But your story is a bit longer (and well done) so instead of cutting it down, shift the hubs to the other page and direct people over there.
  • One thing you could share more of on this page is more about your blog. While your blog IS about you and your family, you want your About page to get people digging further into your blog. You do link to some of your posts but it might be nice to have a section on your top 5 posts or something similar. You can even do small images and links as a way to add some more visual elements on this page.
  • A suggestion to gain readership through this page is to end the post with a call to action. Encourage readers to sign up to your RSS by email. Or add some social media buttons or links to encourage people to subscribe through other channels. It’s a gentle nudge that does get people to take action since it’s right there in front of them.

Let me know your thoughts on the critique in the comments below. If you have an extra moment, head over to The Hip Mothership and give Megan some comment love.


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  1. says

    I love reading these they help remind me what I need to fix on my own pages. I really need to prioritize my about page. Maybe after I’m done churning out content thanks to your Content Brew Course! The best!

  2. says

    Your reviews are always so helpful. I was especially interested in this one because my designer did her blog as well.