Page Critiques

You see it on forums a lot…. bloggers asking people to review this blog and give honest feedback. And then the post is full of “I like your blog. It’s pretty!” or “you’re doing a great job!” So much for any useful constructive criticism.

For most of my marketing career, I’ve edited and provided creative direction for websites, advertisements and all sorts of marketing materials. When I wasn’t doing that, I was the one actually writing and designing. I’ve worked with designers and developers on numerous website redesigns too.

After critiquing nearly 100 blogs, I’ve moved onto critiquing blog pages. An About page, PR page, Start Here page, etc. These pages are uber important but they don’t get the love our blog posts do. So each week I critique a blog page in the following areas:

  • Content/Writing
  • Design
  • Overall blog navigation/functionality

To see all the critiques (both blog and page critiques) I’ve completed so far, click here.

How the Critique Queue Works

The Critique Queue opens every six months for just a few short, glorious days. Why? Because it fills up FAST.

I fill 26 slots each time the critique queue opens and I announce the day and time the queue goes live. The first 13 spots are first-come, first-serve (those with super fast typing fingers!) and the second 13 spots are randomly drawn from those who apply.

In order to receive a critique on Momcomm, I only ask a few things from ya:

  • You’re a blogging lady
  • You comment on Momcomm regularly (or tweet posts or something else nice). Don’t worry-  you don’t need to be chained to the site- once a week is plenty!
  • You have at least ten blog posts under your belt and post at least once a week.
  • You come with an open mind. The point of a critique is to learn and grow so you have to promise that you’ll still like me, even if you don’t take all my suggestions.

After telling you all of that, I have to break it to you that the page critique queue is currently closed (sad, I know). BUT if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be notified when the queue is opening up. Sweet!

In the meantime, if you’d like to critique your entire blog yourself, consider purchasing my affordable DIY Blog Critique eBook or read through the critiques I’ve done to date and school yo’self. Instant gratification!