About Blog Clarity and Melissa

Psst, it’s Melissa here. I want to tell you something… Blogging sucks.

Okay, I kid. I kid. It’s actually loads of fun, incredibly rewarding and oh-so empowering.

But it’s also hard work and a continual learning process. And that can sometimes suck when you’re running in cyber circles, not knowing where to find the answers (or even the right questions to ask). Well…


Blog Clarity exists for you and your answer-seeking self, covering everything from blogging to social media to writing tips.

You want your blog to grow.

You want to build an audience.

You want to work with brands.

This blog hands you tools, advice, tutorials and inspiration to make all that happen… by helping you shine with bloggy greatness.

Gimmicky blog promotion and trickery aren’t my thing, so you won’t see any voodoo social media magic here. What you will find is real, can-do advice geared to both the blogger just starting out and the blogger who’s been around a while. This blog is for ANY lady who wants to improve her blog, one stellar step at a time.

You’ll find some killer resources around these parts, including my popular online courses like Content Brew, which gives you an editorial calendar and planning process to last all your blogging days. But before I get to that, let me tell you a little about me.

Meet Melissa

melissa-culbertson I’m a marketing communications chick, For Dummies book author, sometimes designer and boy wrangler (don’t worry- I mean my two kids). I have a crush on social media, but I know when to put my phone down too. During my 15 year career in marcomm (that’s marketing communications), I’ve written content for numerous websites, managed creative teams and even worked on commercials with the late Leslie Nielsen. I currently work part-time as Social Media Strategist for Burt’s Bees.

Blog Clarity began on my other blog, Adventuroo, after seeing that blogging moms craved knowledge to improve their blogs. I had a light bulb moment and realized my marcomm know-how could apply to blogging too. In early 2014, I changed this blog’s name from Momcomm to Blog Clarity, so you might see little remnants of Momcomm here and there. In addition to being here on the blog, you might find me speaking at a conference. Some of my past speaking gigs:

If you think I’d rock at speaking at your conference, give me a shout and let’s talk.

That One Time I Wrote a Book

Blog Design for DummiesLookie! That’s my book, Blog Design for Dummies. This book brings good blog design within everyone’s reach, covering topics like:

  • Basic design principles that every blogger should know
  • CSS coding that can be used to create a design that gets noticed
  • How to select the perfect colors, fonts and imagery for your design
  • Why smart navigation matters and how to achieve it

Why You’re Really Here

Okay, okay, I know you’re ready to soak up some blogging knowledge. So if it’s knowledge you seek, it’s knowledge I give…

Posts that Are Good for Your Brain

To get you started, I rounded up some of Blog Clarity’s finest. These three posts are the ones that made me famous. Okay, I’m not really famous, but you get the idea.

Comment Vomit: How Not to Leave Blog Comments Making Sense of Twitter: It's The Never-Ending Cocktail Party 7 Mistakes Even Nice-Looking Blogs Make- from the author of Blog Design for Dummies

These posts make up three of my often-pinned blog posts (that last one was an awesome guest post by a blogger with over 200,000 Pinterest followers). No, that is not a typo.

5 Things Not to Repin on Pinterest How to Make Your Blog Stand Out How to Rock Pinterest Like a Pro

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Let’s Chat!

Want to ask me a question? Work with me? Send me a unicorn? Send your notes of awesomeness to melissa@blogclarity.com.