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New Place for Your Courses + Pinning Perfect Opening Monday!

Big, big news! We’re Switching to a Better, Shinier eCourse Platform! About a year ago, I went searching for another e-course platform that would suit my needs. In addition to the behind-the-scenes stuff, my main goal was this: to have BOTH instructor-led and self-paced courses in the same place while still being able to “drip” […]

Behind the Blog Design: Why I changed my blog fonts... AGAIN. Font and design tidbits of advice from the author of Blog Design for Dummies.

Redesigning My Blog Logo… Again!

I’ve been a busy little bee lately. I don’t know if it’s the Whole 30 energy I’ve gotten or what, but I finally made ANOTHER change to my blog I’ve been meaning to make to Blog Clarity… an updated logo! If you remember, when I first launched my blog, I revealed this logo and header: […]

Get better engagement on Twitter with this social media tip. This little trick will make Instagram pictures show up on Twitter as images, rather than a link. And it's so easy!

How to Get Your Instagram Photos to Show Up on Twitter

I’m publishing this post with the risk you may very well know this by now as it’s old news! I’ve known about this little trick for about a year or so myself, but like so many things blogging, I keep forgetting to implement. Until recently. *checks box off really long to-do list* Now it’s your […]