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What's a Media Kit? Before you start creating a blogger media kit, you need to know the basics: what exactly a media kit is, why you need one, and what to include. Consider this post your Media Kit 101!

Blogger Media Kits 101: What’s a Media Kit, Why You Need One, and What to Include

Every single blog conference will bring them up in one session or another. Every professional blogger will say you need one. What’s this mysterious “thing” that keeps coming up in blog discussions again and again? The media kit. Last week, the self-paced version of my media kit creation e-course Media Kit Smash went on sale. […]


Media Kit Smash Goes Self-Paced!

It’s finally here! Media Kit Smash has now turned self-paced, which means you can purchase the e-course now and get instant access to all lessons! You can work through the class as fast or slow as you want. The lessons never expire so you have them forever and ever. Alumni: Look for an email in […]

Sometimes it's little things that make you a more productive blogger. Like creating a shortcut on your phone that goes straight to your blog! Genius!

Open Your Blog in Just One Tap with This Shortcut

You visit your blog on your phone quite often I’m guessing. To see how a post or image looks. To reference something within a post. Just to admire it because you’re awesome. Well, did you know you could open up your blog on your phone in just ONE click? Booyah. The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, […]