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Don't get burned with your online income. Monetize your blog with multiple streams of income so this doesn't happen to you!

Why You Should Never Rely on One Source of Online Income

What happens when cha-ching turns to kerplunk? The buzz around the blogosphere last week revolved around Pinterest’s decision to disable affiliate links altogether. While they had previously disabled Amazon links and other affiliate links, they had agreements with RewardStyle and Hello Society. And some bloggers were making bank. Well that all ended with the big […]

Bloggers often forget about this easy writing tip to liven up their words. This writing tip may seem old-school, but it’s a tried and true way to improve any blog post.

An Easy Tip to Liven Up Your Writing

When I was in high school, I held the slightly-nerdy, slighty-cool position of managing editor of our school newspaper. I had a thick Thesaurus that I carried around with me. The edges were tattered, the pages curled up but that was the most used book I had in school. Today a thesaurus is still one […]

Great tips for bloggers looking to monetize their blog by working with brands. These 5 simple tips can make a big difference!

5 Ways Your Blog Show Brands You’re Right for the Job

Brands are constantly out in Internetland seeking out great influencers to work with. And they’re vetting you before you even know they’re interested. They might do the work themselves, use an agency to do it, or even hire your peer to scope out blogs for them. Of course, your content must pretty much be awesome. You […]