4 Reasons to Start a Second Blog

Time for another fabulous guest blogger. I’ve known Eve of Beautiful Spit Up for a while now and just adore her combo of marketing smarts and wittiness. She recently started a second blog called Mama’s Hungry to write one of her passions, making healthy, naturally delicious food. If you’ve ever considered starting a second blog, this post will give you some food for thought!

First, I have to say thank you to Melissa for having me as a guest here for a second time. I’m always eager to share my knowledge with others who may find it useful. Thanks, Mel!

Most of us have a wide variety of interests that can range anywhere from fashion to crafting. Having interests and hobbies is awesome. It’s what makes us the fascinating people that we are, right? That being said, it is not always in our blog’s best interest to try to include everything we like into one blog.

Take me for example. My first blog, Beautiful Spit Up, is a mommy blog by niche. Its focus is around my family, mainly my 2-year-old son and the drama that ensues while raising a toddler. However, I really love to cook and bake. I’m also a lover of music, books, and technology. Does that mean I should write about all these things on Beautiful Spit Up?

Maybe. Maybe not.

In my case, it made more sense to start a second blog devoted to my passion of cooking and baking. I recently launched Mama’s Hungry, a blog centered around sharing recipes and healthy eating tips for families. I must admit that the decision did not come quickly for me. It’s something that I mulled over for months weeks.

There were many factors that I took into consideration before I started my second blog. Things like existing site traffic, niches, domains, SEO, web design, and social media marketing come to mind. Dang! It can get pretty scary when you try to think of it all at once. I don’t suggest you do that. Instead, I have a few reasons you might want to think about when you’re considering starting a second blog.

4 Reasons To Create a Second Blog

1.) Share a Hobby/Interest (While Keeping Existing Readers)
This is a big one to think about. Do you want to share one of your hobbies or interests without alienating existing readers? A second blog can help you do that. It can also help you nurture that hobby by connecting you with like-minded people. (Yay blogging!)

You know yourself and you know your readers. Take time to think about your hobby and how readers will react when you write about it. Will they like/relate to what they read? This was a big push for me to start Mama’s Hungry. Some of my subscribers cook and bake, but most of them don’t. Why run the risk of driving them away with posts to which they can’t relate? For me, the risk wasn’t worth it, which is why I started Mama’s Hungry.

2.) Promote Yourself/Make Money (While Keeping Existing Readers)
Do you want to promote your consulting services and/or make money from your blog via affiliate links or sponsored posts, but are afraid it’ll turn off your readers? If you rarely write sponsored posts or use affiliate links, it might be a turn off to some readers if suddenly every other post is paid or includes affiliate links. It may be worth the time and effort to start a second blog in order to keep that trust with your existing readers. As they say in public relations, it takes years to build a reputation, but only a minute to ruin it.

3.) To Streamline SEO and Social Media Accounts
Does your current blog have good SEO value? Do your social media accounts match your blog’s niche? If they already do, you may want to consider the following as reasons to start that second blog.

Search Engine Optimization
You already know how to improve SEO with anchor text, and how optimizing your photos can do the same. However, did you know that having too many “topics” or more than one blog niche may actually hurt your existing site’s SEO value?

Google periodically scans your site and determines what category in which to put it. If your site is about 10 very different topics, Google will rank you lower because you aren’t an “expert” on any of those things, you simply write about them on occasion. It would be your benefit to create a second blog and focus your SEO efforts on keywords that relate to the new blog’s niche.

Social Media Marketing
If your Twitter handle is something like @Photography-101-Blog, but you tweet about your son’s pottytraining tantrums, it may be difficult to grow your followers. Of course, you could easily create a second Twitter handle, but why put yourself through the hassle of managing two different accounts? Now, if you create a second blog about motherhood and change your Twitter name to your own name or something like @EverythingEvie instead of a blog name, you can tweet your heart out and not worry about losing followers. Just don’t forget to follow Melissa’s Twitter name change checklist when you do!

4.) Noticeable Trends in Traffic and/or Readership
If you’re anything like me, you take some time out of each week to review your Google Analytics. If you don’t currently run Google Analytics on your blog, go do it now. Seriously, it’s THAT important. Go now. I’ll wait.

Google Analytics is Your BFF
Now that you’re back, I can tell you how analytics can be your friend when it comes to knowing who’s reading your blog. Analytics can tell you exactly from where visitors to your blog were referred and what posts they spent the most time reading. Being armed with this information means that you can make changes to your blog accordingly. Awesome, right?

For example, I noticed that on Beautiful Spit Up many of my recipe posts were being viewed by new visitors, meaning people who had never been to my blog before. The posts weren’t getting a lot of attention by my regular readers. When I dug deeper into the data, I found that the top referral site for new visitors was Foodbuzz.com, a site I used to share my recipe posts and virtually meet other foodies. Interesting. Digging even deeper, I realized that these new visitors were ONLY interested in the foodie posts, not the posts about my son smearing poop on the hardwood floors. Double interesting. (the data, not the poop)

If existing readers didn’t read the recipes and new readers only read the recipes, it made sense to just separate the two. So you see, Google Analytics really opened my eyes to reader trends that allowed me to make the decision to start Mama’s Hungry. I highly recommend reviewing your analytics before starting a second blog, and periodically as well while we’re on the topic!

Although I’m sure there are dozens more reasons to start a second blog, these four are what helped me decide to create my food blog. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should start a second blog, I hope this post helps you.

Eve Zafiropoulo (@EverythingEvie on Twitter) is a full-time marketing manager and has a B.S. in Public Relations and an M.S. in Advertising. She has a 2-year-old son and when she’s not busy blogging at Beautiful Spit Up or cooking something awesome on Mama’s Hungry, she can be found running around with her husband and son, drinking iced coffee or lurking on Facebook.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for having me again, Mel! You’re so awesome and I’m always honored to be a guest here!

  2. says

    Great post, Eve. I have thought about starting a second blog, just for writing (fiction etc) and even bought a domain name. But haven’t had time to really think about how I have time to run another blog right now!

    Good luck with your new blog!

    • says

      Oh I can imagine it’s on the back burner for now, but I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with the domain after your little cutie arrives. Thanks, Alison!

  3. says

    Greay post Eve!!!
    Do you think GA is a better resource than StatCounter when it comes to numbers?
    Getting ready to launch my new site & I’m curious!

    • says

      Honestly, Kelly I’ve never heard of StatCounter. I just love how much information is available from Google Analytics. It’s what I use all the time and love it. But then again, I’m a nerd!

    • says

      Butting in here for a minute…I use both Statcounter and GA…love them both. I like how Statcounter shows me visitor paths easily and real time visitor behavior. GA is great for the overall picture.

      • says

        Hey Britt, thanks that’s good to know! Did you know that GA has a real time tracker in beta? It’s pretty cool!

  4. says

    This post is SO good. Here’s why: I read a lot of blogs, but am totally turned off by people who seem to have a blogging identity crisis. My blog started for my friends and family. They still comprise more than half of my readers. They like US, not recipes or product reviews. I real blogs only so I can get to know people, it’s 99% entertainment. I don’t love sponsored posts and too many of them make me end up not visiting that blog anymore at all.

    • says

      Exactly, Ali. That was totally my point! It’s more work to have two blogs, but I think it’s important to think about the readers as well as ourselves when it comes to what we write about.

  5. says

    I have 2 blogs of my own for that reason (one’s a mommy blog, and one is a book review blog). I just started a third blog with a friend because I also love to cook and bake, and didn’t really have a venue for that, since the neither the readers nor my daughter’s fans really want to read about what I’m cooking. :)

  6. says

    I started a second blog late last year for many of the reasons above. It was a different topic, and I also wanted to start inserting affiliate links and did not feel comfortable doing so on my first blog. I also like that I can link back and forth between the 2, which is good for SEO. I had not thought so much about studying Analytics, but I may go take more than a peek and see what I can learn from that!

    • says

      You’re SO right, Bernice. Interlinking and back linking are awesome for SEO purposes. Yes, I highly recommend you dig into your analytics. I’m sure you’ll find some good insights into your site and its readership. Thanks!

    • says

      Ah yes, that elusive thing called time! It certainly limits our blogging time, that’s for sure. Having two blogs is a commitment in so many ways, but well worth it, I think. Glad you enjoyed the post, Britt!

  7. says

    I’ve made a plan to do this and then changed my mind about three dozen times, all because I didn’t want to start building an audience from scratch all over again.

    The biggest takeaway I got was from this: “Do you want to share one of your hobbies or interests without alienating existing readers? A second blog can help you do that. It can also help you nurture that hobby by connecting you with like-minded people.”

    I recently began focusing my posts on blogging, design, social media, etc. and really, most of my existing readership isn’t there for that topic. So it really doesn’t matter if I already have an audience if they aren’t reading my stuff!

    My mind is made up. Thanks for the insight. Great post.

    • says

      Awesome, Jenny! That’s basically what did it for me too. If they aren’t reading the posts, what’s the point? My guess is that you want to help your fellow bloggers out by sharing these types of posts, right? Well if you break out into two different blogs, you’d likely get more readers who are interested in your marketing/blogging related posts. (Me included, by the way!) Good luck!!

  8. says

    I once started a second blog for many of the reasons you mentioned. I wanted to write about a topic that was somewhat unrelated to my main blog topics. I had lots of great ideas. I started it, but it was way too much work to keep up with two blogs! If I had more time, I’d love a second blog. I’m thinking about do a weakly feature post where I talk about things not directly related to my blog topic so I have chance to write about some things that I’d love to write about.

    • says

      That sounds like a good plan! Doing a weekly feature is also a good way to write about those things that aren’t exactly on topic for your blog. Good luck, Laura!

  9. says


    I just resurrected my old blog b/c I wanted to write about writing again — and not on my Mom-blog (ChecklistMommy.com).

    I was on Twitter @skatelooby. Then I launched ChecklistMommy, and basically abandoned @skatelooby in favor of @ChecklistMommy, b/c I use Twitter for that purpose more. But now I’m wondering if I need a more “umbrella” twitter name, to encapsulate the writing blog and the Mom-blog — and if so, do I got back to @skatelooby, which is a playful take on my real name, or refocus the energy under @sarahkatelevy?


    • says

      I’d go with your real name, since not everyone on Twitter knows that @skatelooby is a play on your name. If you don’t want to use your real name, you could also create handle that includes your first name like I did with @EverythingEvie. Either way, you have lots of options!

      • says

        Thank you! Luckily there isn’t a huge followers list @skatelooby yet, so I can easily tweet that I’m switching over the @sarahkatelevy for my writing-oriented stuff … Now I just need to decide if I need to try to migrate all my @ChecklistMommy followers to @sarahkatelevy, or run 2 twitter accounts to keep the Mommy-blog stuff separate from the writer-blog stuff (I don’t want to alienate one audience by constantly tweeting stuff that is of interest to the OTHER, right?). Hmm. So much to think on!

  10. Maryden25 says

    Brilliant idea my dear. This is a good help to a housewife like me. Plus I could help to our financial needs and I could share good thoughts and ideas to everyone. This is a big thing for me. I could help myself, and others too.

  11. says

    As someone who has 3 blogs I can say that it’s good to have different ones but it’s difficult to manage them all. My only saving grace is that my other two blogs are group blogs so I have other people to help me.

  12. says

    I also think having a 2nd blog is better than trying to mix your topics on one blog. Keeping your blog dedicated to the readers you have will keep them coming back. And even better if that 2nd blog can attract a similar audience, but for a different topic (cross promotion!).

  13. says

    Thank you for this! I have already split my blogs into two, one adoption only and the other about our regular family life (crafting, cooking, homeschooling, housework, fun) but I have often wondered if that was the right thing to do. Your questions really helped me confirm that it was exactly the thing to do!

  14. says

    I often wondered about this, for I started with two blogs (a parenting blog, and a recipe blog), but found that I didn’t have enough time to try and make either successfull. So I deleted the recipe blog and have just been focussing on the parenting blog (and have had a much better success rate)…however, I do find that I am kind of all over the place with what I write about, and can’t seem to hone in on one particular ‘parenting’ aspect (I find that there are so many areas to write about)!?!?! How do you decide which is the best one?

  15. says

    I started blogging as Mum2BabyInsomniac about my life as a mum but then realised that I had a special interest in relationships so started a second blog. I love it! I have a fairly different readership on each and I am glad I made the choice to do it.