Behind-the-Scenes: How I Decided on the Name “Content Brew”

I thought I’d do something a bit different today. As bloggers we often see finished products– a brand new blog name, an ebook title, a clever name for a contest or meme. But what about the thought-process behind that name?

Today I’ll give you a little peek behind how I came up with the name Content Brew.

People would probably call me “the creative type.” And while I’ll never dismiss a complement, I’m not one of those people who magically gets everything perfect instantaneously and it’s BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL, HOW-DID-SHE-DO-THAT kinda stuff each time. And to be honest, after working in marketing for over a decade, I’ll tell you that creativity is a process. It’s a longer process for some (ME!) than others… but it’s a process of thinking, testing and tweaking.

The Name

Content Brew only became Content Brew AFTER I announced the new course to you guys. Crazy, right?

I actually had two other names picked out. One I LOVED but it didn’t really fit the what the course was about.

And then there a second one I really liked… at first. I even started naming files with it in it. But as I kept using it the luster wore off and something about it just didn’t gel.

The smackdown came when I asked a couple of close friends for advice (they also happen to be bloggers) and guess what? THEY WERE HONEST. Neither of those two really hit the mark. And with that, they confirmed my gut instincts and I went back to the drawing board.

For a few days I racked my brain to no avail. And then I was running an errand and had some thinking time in the car.

I started thinking about the course. How it was giving bloggers “equipment” to plan content. To make something. That made me think of machines.

But machines were too “manly.”

Then I moved to smaller “machines” – small appliances.

Yes, that seems like a weird, random jump but we had recently broken our hand mixer and our coffee pot was on the the fritz. Small appliances, kitchen ones actually, were on the brain.

While I wasn’t going to name a course after a household appliance, I was more thinking about words associated with these appliances that “made something.” Words like: mix, cook, etc.

And then I struck gold.

Coffee pots BREW.

And boy do I love coffee.

Brewing emcompassed that whole premise of “making something.” And Content Brew was essentially “making content.”

And oh the fun with I could have with words related to coffee: piping-hot, steaming, blend, etc.


By the way, Content Brew for April is now SOLD OUT. If you’d like to be notified of the next class, jump over to the Content Brew page and fill out my ugly yet functional form.


  1. says

    I love it! That, my friend, is the creative process. Every once in a while you look like a genius when something flows out immediately. But, more likely than not, you’ll go up to a friend you trust that will give you the side eye and deflate the idea you’d just come up with only to give way to something fabulous!

    Thank Gawd for creativity. And real friends! ;-)
    Sili recently posted..Mami Moments: Planting Roots and Letting Go

  2. Christine @ MoreThanMommies says

    I can’t help but be curious about the names that didn’t make the cut? Content Brew is perfect! I hope that I will be able to sign up for the next course…I bet it will be right around the time that I run out of ideas!
    Christine @ MoreThanMommies recently posted..A New Adventure

  3. Lance Artherton says

    I found it quite funny. Coffee pots does brew.
    It is always a little difficult to come up with names for new projects.
    Glad that you could settle with one real soon.

    Lance Artherton recently to get a girlfriend