10-Minute Touch Up: Welcome a Pinterest Board to the Neighborhood

The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, weekly challenge to get you DOING, not just reading about doing. Consider it a way to touch up your blogging just 10 minutes at a time!

Welcome a Pinterest Board to the Neighborhood- a little tip for supporting your community

Welcome a Pinterest Board to the Neighborhood

Challenge:  Repin, like, or comment on pins from the new Pinterest board of someone you follow.

Why: Building community means supporting the community. When you create a new board, isn’t it great when someone notices? Well, in this challenge you’re taking notice and taking action. Just one little way to foster a bit o’ community.

How to Do It

1. Find an Interesting Board from your Pinterest Notifications.

Look for people you follow that have created a new board. If you don’t see anything right away, then keep scrolling to load older notifications.


2. Find a Pin that Floats Your Boat.

Open the board and find a pin that you like or that you think your audience would like.


3. Repin It, Leave a Comment or Give the Pin a Like.

Since this article from The Centsible Life resonated with me, I decided to repin it for future reference (and for my followers to read).

4. Repeat Until You’ve Reached 10 Minutes.

Find more, pin more, get sucked into Pinterest more… until your 10 minutes are up.

Your Turn

Did you complete the challenge? Find anything, dare I say it, pinteresting?


  1. says

    Quick and easy – perfect! My challenge is remembering to do this several times a week. I do have a calendar for promotional stuff but have trouble sticking to it each week.

    PS: I also checked out the Centsible Life post on Birthday Parties – love it.

  2. says

    I’ve never taken the time to do this before. That was fun! I found some neat stuff. Though it’s a bit cruel to limit us to only 10 minutes of Pinterest time. :)

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