10-Minute Touch Up: The Pinterest Seek and Follow

Ooooh, it’s a new series here at Blog Clarity!

If you like my Facebook page, you may have seen me ask which day you’d want a new series (or maybe you didn’t see it since we all know what FB reach is like). Nevertheless, Wednesday was the winner!

So, What’s the 10-Minute Touch Up?

We all care about improving our blogs, but it can be soooo time consuming, right? Not everything about blogging has to be though.

The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, weekly challenge to get you DOING, not just reading about doing.

Each week I’ll give you a task you can complete in about 10 minutes or less. The task isn’t just another to-do; it’s an action to help you build community, increase traffic, improve your content, interact in social media, better your blog design, or build blog strategy. Consider it a way to touch up your blogging just 10 minutes at a time!

Your first 10-Minute Touch Up? What I call the Pinterest Seek and Follow.

10-Minute Touch Up: The Pinterest Seek & Follow (a new weekly challenge for bloggers)

The Pinterest Seek and Follow

Challenge: Find 10 people who have pinned your posts and follow them on Pinterest.

Why: To grow your audience (they’ll likely follow back) and serve a little thank you for sharing your content with their followers.

How to Do It

1. Find the most recent pins from your blog.

The easiest way to find this out is to go to http://www.pinterest.com/source/BLOGNAME.com (no www). Here’s what the page looks like:

The Pinterest Seek and Follow- a quick 10-minute blogger challenge
2. Scan the most recent pins to find names you don’t recognize.

3. Click on the pin image (not the name) to bring up the pin.

Clicking on the pin image brings up the pin with the “Added by” section underneath. If you aren’t following that pinner, you can do it super easily here. Just click Follow! (By the way, I know Molly already but I used her because she helped me name this series!)

4. Repeat to follow 10 total followers!

Got more time? Then also re-pin one of their pins too.


Are you up for more 10-Minute Touch Ups? I’ll have a new one each week!

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    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Yeah it really doesn’t, especially if you aren’t already following lots of people!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      You’ll get more pins so yes do it in the future! For now, perhaps pick a favorite pinner, then click on who follows them and follow 10 of those people!

    • says

      I went to your blog to find and pin an image and I couldn’t find one that would fit on my boards. That is until I clicked on your photography link and then on your flicker stream, awesome photos. May I be so bold as to suggest that you do a wordless Wednesday or a bog post a week about a photo (where, how, when photo was taken). Those are definitely pinnable. I love your life stories and have read a few (going backwards not the best way lol) but not pinnable. Way too much opinion on my part, take what you can use 😉

      • says

        This is a great idea. I’ve struggled since transitioning from the old blog to the new blog due to well…divorce on what I want brought over. Not a huge fan of bringing photos from “before” with me but am trying to get back into this. Really appreciate that you took the time to look!

        • says

          Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh remember to watermark your pictures, I can see some of those getting stolen (they are that good)!

  1. Gina_MoneywiseMoms says

    I try to do this at least once a week (usually while I’m in front of the TV–might as well multitask!).

  2. says

    Melissa, This is a great idea and we can all find 10 minutes per day to do something like this! Thank you so much for your practical “snack size” series!

  3. says

    This is a great mini challenge. Thanks for the tip on how to see which of your posts have been pinned recently. I didn’t know you could do that with /source/siteurl

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Yes, it’s a quick way to see what’s being pinned though I don’t know that it catches everything. At least it doesn’t seem to!

  4. says

    That was fun! I had no idea where all those pins went. So interesting to find those boards and people. Thanks for the great tip. Another plank in the platform, check!

  5. says

    This is going to be a series I’ll enjoy. I’ve been thinking a lot about stepping up my game with Pinterest lately. Very cool. :)

  6. says

    I usually open the links in emails I’m interested in, and then delete the email to save clutter. But after reading this post about Pinterest, I had to go back to dig your email back out of the delete folder for saving! Timely info, as I had been wanting to find others to follow, but wanted to find those with similar interests, not just following for following sake. So simple … find those who find my blog interesting! Happy to spend 10 minutes (at least!) on this homework. What a fun way to find others! Thank you, Melissa :-)

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Woohoo! Yes, you might as well follow people who already like your content, right?! It’s a fun way to find new people.

  7. says

    Great idea! And it’s perfect timing as I have just decided to do more with Pinterest. I do have one question. I have a board under my personal name. I tried to set up an account with my blog name, but the form requires a first & last name, how do I set it up with my blog name?

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Debra- Did you try setting your blog page up as a business? http://business.pinterest.com. I decided to keep just one Pinterest account as myself, but some bloggers do have two! You can also convert your profile to a business page if you want so you can gain access to analytics and also verify your blog. Hope that helps!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks Jeanette! I’m excited about all the possibilities of things you can do with 10 minutes. Already have a load of them written down!

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing this great tip. I’d also like to know how you get the Recommended Pinner pop up box to appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

  9. says

    Did it! Woohoo! I really like these, I’m going to try to catch up and do all of them then follow along each week! So helpful! Thanks you!

  10. says

    Hey Melissa,

    came across your blog yesterday and started right away with this tutorial. However I spent much more time on Pinterest (hence yesterday). However I discovered that I am my best pinned, so I’ll see if this will help me quite easily. Thank you and I am excited about the next tutorials.
    Cheers, Tobia