10-Minute Touch Up: Brainstorm a Project

The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, weekly challenge to get you DOING, not just reading about doing. Consider it a way to touch up your blogging just 10 minutes at a time!

10-Minute Touch Up: Brainstorm a project (with project ideas to grow your blog)

Brainstorm a Project

Challenge:  Brainstorm a new project for your blog. Do a brain dump of the ins and outs. The who. The why.

Why: One of the best ways to grow your audience is to expand outside the world of writing blog post after blog post. Tackling a project will pull you out of your comfort zone a little (or a lot), but you’ll reap the benefits.

Some type of project ideas you might want to tackle:

  • New weekly series
  • Revive an old weekly series
  • One-time series (like my blogger business card series)
  • Special link-up
  • New blog page (New Here page, Resources page, etc.)
  • E-book (small or big)
  • Email series (such as a newsletter or special series)
  • Collaborative project with multiple bloggers

Now don’t spend a lot of time picking out WHAT to tackle. If you want an easy one, go with a one-time series that you can run over the span of a week. If you’ve been wanting to write an e-book or do something equally as intense, now’s the time to brainstorm about it!

How to Do It

1. Grab a Blank Piece of Paper and Markers.

Just printer paper will work. Then colored markers, pencils, crayons, whatever. Color helps you feel creative. Seriously, it works.

2. Start with the End in Mind.

What do you want to get out of the project? More traffic? A stream of income? Increase your authority about a topic? Write that down. If you know where you want to go, you’ll have an easier tip doing the next step.

3. Jot Down Your Ideas to Make Your Project Happen.

Don’t worry about if your ideas are good or bad. Brainstorming isn’t a time for evaluation or feasibility. It’s a time for ideas. Some questions to jog your mind:

  • When would this project launch (ideally)?
  • Would you do it solo or with other bloggers?
  • What does the project entail? (i.e. topics you’d include an e-book, what you’d want to cover in a weekly series)
  • What do you need to accomplish the project?
  • What questions do you have about how it would work? (i.e. “which link-up tool should I use?”)

4. Sit on It for a Day (or Two).

Once your ideas are down, walk away! Clear them from your mind. Once you return, you’ll be able to start taking steps to make your project actually happen!

How’d It Go?

Did you get some ideas down? Are you excited about your project?

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  1. says

    I just want to say I’m loving your 10-Minute Touch Up Series. It’s something I look forward to. For everybody who’s got so much on their plates, this is just the right amount of time to touch up your blog.

    Thank you!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I love that you start with identifying the project goal. My problem is not coming up with the ideas. Or even jotting down a plan. It’s actually executing on the plan all the way to completion!

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      I hear ya! I have LOADS of ideas but never enough time to implement them all. I usually go with the ones I have the most ideas and direction on, even if I love some of my other ideas more but they’re too rough.

  3. says

    Yes! Ahead of the game!

    I’m doing a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) series on how a bride-to-be can use her engagement to prepare for a lifetime, rather than just planning for her wedding day. I’m really excited about it- I know I could have used something like it when I was in the throes of wedding planning!

    One of the troubles I’m running into is getting my content out to the applicable audience- I read blogs primarily of already-married folks, but I joined a couple of “younger” networks (like 20-Something-Bloggers) and I’ve started doing a little promotion on The Knot. Any other ideas? (Anybody?) =)

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Sounds like you’re doing great things already, Adrie. Have you already tried tweeting using certain hashtags? Looks like #wedding is popular and possibly #weddingwednesday (lots of spam at the moment but take a look on a Wednesday and see if it’s full of actual posts and conversations).

      • says

        So, I guess I should bite the bullet and get a Twitter account, huh? : /

        The camp I work for has a Twitter account, so I’ve been doing a little messing around on the platform for work… it may be time to just get an account for myself!

  4. says

    I love your creativity, these ideas are just what I needed right now to get started on a project I’ve been thinking about. Thank you! And I love this idea, spending 10 minutes on my blog seems not so overwhelming.

    • Melissa Culbertson says

      Thanks Amanda! I’m all about getting things done in short bursts of time. Makes me feel accomplished!